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Wine of Greece

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Vineyards in Greece have a long tradition, and many of them date back to between the thirteenth and eleventh centuries BC. In those times, cultivation was very similar to the way it is done today, with vines planted in parallel rows. Pruning is also done in different ways, depending on the stock, the soil and the strength of the wind.

The younger vineyards are spread out over 8,000 hectares rich with quality, indigenous stock, which have survived with the same denominations for years. These varieties have always been cultivated in the Mediterranean climate prevalent in Greece. That climate is one of the most suitable climates for quality vineyards with personality, like the ones the country has.

There are more than 300 varieties, among which we can highlight Liatiko, Fotsifali, Mavoudi, Amorgiano, Athiri, Negoska, Trani Muscat, Muscat, White Muscat and Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio, Monemvassia and Aidani.

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