Nonino Friulana

Nonino (Grappa)

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Nonino delivers the Nonino Friulana (£19.61), a grappa from Italy with an alcoholic strength of 43%. According to Drinks&Co users, the Nonino Friulana deserves an evaluation of 4,1 of 5 points.
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Numerous spirits that have their hometown in different regions of Italy. Without a doubt, Nonino Friulana is the most representative and oldest of certain territories of this European country.

It is a brandy made from the grape skins of the Picolit variety. The remaining grapes are collected while still fresh and soft. It goes through a fermentation stage in stainless steel containers and is then distilled into stills.

It has a crystalline color, sweet aromas of licorice and a concentrated and strong flavor.

To fully enjoy it, it must rest for a few minutes in an open glass. Thus its organoleptic characteristics will be much more intense.

Technical sheet · Nonino Friulana

Category:Grappa (Spirits)
Producer: Nonino
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Italy

Description · Nonino

Nonino Friulana


  • View: White crystal with golden glitter.
  • Nose: strong notes of wood, very ethereal, dry pomace.
  • Mouth: Nice, some liquor, tasty.

ALCOHOL: 45% Vol



It is one of the most famous Italian distilleries in the world, a true symbol of tradition, quality and prestige. It was founded by Orazio Nonino in 1897, when, after years of itinerant activity with an alembic mounted on wheels, he established his headquarters in Percoto, in Friuli Venezia...

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Highlighted review about Nonino Friulana

Posted on at 10.36


Nonino Friulana

Bottle: cl. 70
It is distilled at 43 ° oldest and most traditional North Italy; It is obtained by distilling the solid part of grapes: the marc.
The December 1, 1973 Benito and Giannola Nonino, in respect of tradition, create the single varietal Grappa, the Monovitigno® Nonino, distilling...
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Posted on at 17.59


Grappa Nonino Friulana

Posted on at 18.11


TASTING NOTES OF Nonino Friulane:
- Colour: límpidoo like water.
- Flavour: fragrant aromas of flowers, peach, smoke, anise and pepper.
- Taste: assertive palate dry with flavors of chamomile,...
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Posted on at 18.42


Grappa Nonino Friulana

- View: Friulane Nonino Grappa is colorless.
- Nose: Stresses on the nose for its elegance, soft, sensual, very aromatic. Notes of rose, sage and vanilla.
- Mouth: fresh and soft...
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Posted on at 04.50


Grappa Nonino Friulana is a mighty spirit

Posted on at 05.21


Friulian grappa made by distilling pomace healthy and mature in a unique batch stills. Then it is retained for one year in stainless steel tanks, in order to achieve a harmonious and consistent...
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Posted on at 04.41


Grappa Nonino Friulana

Thanks to its elegance and persistence, it can be drunk or tasted or sipped slowly at the end of a meal or at any time of day. It is a real pleasure! Before tasting the grappa should stand a few...
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Posted on at 05.08


Grappa Nonino Friulana

Grappa excellent quality / price ratio.
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Posted on at 13.11


Nonino Grappa Friulana

Origin Italy Nonino since 1897 is characterized by quality consciousness, innovation, intellectual curiosity, professionalism and love for their work, the distillery of the Nonino family. 1973...
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Posted on at 16.58


Grappa Nonino Friulane Amb Ruta

Presentation with case. 43% vol. 70 cl.
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