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Zeer Oude Genever Bols 1L

Lucas Bols (Gin)

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In 1575, ‘t Lootsje distillery was opened in Amsterdam. The name ‘t Lootsje means "the little shed" in Dutch. It was the founder's grandson, Lucas Bols, who began shipping Bols liqueurs all over the world. When he became a major shareholder in the Dutch East India Trading Company, he had access to exotic herbs and spices which allowed him to create over 300 different recipes for liqueurs and spirits.

The Bols family started to distil genever in 1664. Bols Zeer Oude Genever is made using the old style of genever production. The name "Zeer Oude" means "very old", in honour of the age of this process. Made of rye, corn, and wheat with a secret mix of botanicals, this juniper-flavoured spirit is a unique gem to have in any bar. Enjoy the malt tones of genever, which are reminiscent of whisky, in this classic Dutch spirit straight out of Amsterdam.

Bols Zeer Oude Genever is a transparent, sweet spirit which tastes of grain, fruit, and juniper. It is perfect to enjoy neat or as part of any classic cocktail. You can also try it as a classic Dutch kopstoot, filling a tulip-shaped shot glass to the brim with genever and serving a wheat beer on the side, sipping them in turn to let the wheat flavours play off one another.

Technical sheet · Zeer Oude Genever Bols

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Lucas Bols
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Netherlands

Description · Lucas Bols

Zeer Oude Genever Bols 1L


  • Color: bright golden.
  • Flavour: Tennis licorice, vanilla and caramel.
  • Taste: Notes of flowers, round, leaves a chocolate flavor.

PRODUCER: Lucas Bols.

COUNTRY: Netherlands.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: A recipe developed in 1575, when Lucas Bols founded his first small distillery. Those were the years in Amsterdam was a thriving commercial port, where goods flowed from around the world, especially spices. Lucas had the idea of ​​using these essences to create the distillate still missing. Thus was born the Bols Zeer Oude Genever, a special gin, Holland had first met. It was a success. A rather elaborate preparation involving the fermentation of cereals such as barley, corn and wheat, and subsequent distillation, up to 4 times. Obtained in this way, the "malt wine", an essential ingredient for final preparation. Separately, they bring to macerate the botanical classic gin, juniper berries, firstly, and other details, and then distilled. As a final note, the two distillates are mixed: born Bols Zeer Oude Geneva, recognizable by its ceramic bottle. Although the name means "very old gin" is not the time to maturity, reference is made, but the old recipe. Zeer Oude Bols is large drunk chilled, or in cocktails combined and combined.


Lucas Bols

Lucas Bols returned into Dutch hands and to Amsterdam in April 2006. The company became independent in 2006 by means of a buy out by the management and AAC Capital Partners. Huub van Doorne, former member of the Board of Directors of Rémy Cointreau and now CEO of Lucas Bols, has brought the...

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Highlighted review about Zeer Oude Genever Bols 1L

Roy Clough

Posted on at 17.29


Zeer Oude Genever Bols 1L

have not seen this for years, was a regular tipple when i lived in Amsterdam, same as i remember all those years ago

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Graham Evans

Posted on at 11.03

5 /5

Z.O. Genever Bols 1L

Mr Allan M De Souza

Posted on at 09.31

5 /5

Z.O. Genever Bols 1L


Posted on at 13.17

4 /5

Bols Oude Genever 1L

Bols began distilling genevers – The Netherlands’ national spirit category – in 1664, a proud tradition that continues to this day. Bols Master Distillers have since perfected the art of distilling genever over the centuries. In 1820, Bols introduced a revolutionary new genever recipe with a more subtle taste, as a result of a better balance of malt wine, neutral grain alcohol and botanicals.This new recipe is the authentic flavour of genever as it should be: complex, powerful, and delectable. In addition to being an impeccable spirit for drinking neat, it proved to be perfect for a new phenomenon in the USA; the cocktail.These first cocktails were often made with genever, because of its powerful, delicious flavours and balanced mixing qualities.

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