Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin


Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Thames Distillers
Volume: 70cl
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry
The Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin (£36.11) by Thames Distillers: a London Dry with roots in England.

Description of Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin

Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin


  • Colour: This gin has the typical clear, water-like colour of most gins.
  • Aroma: It is the classic pine-like aroma that first hits the nose. With a second deeper smell, drinkers will notice a huff of juniper berries, a splash of citrus, and a hint of coriander spice.
  • Taste: Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin boasts of having twelve unique flavours in their gin. This extra dry gin most namely contains notes of citrus, coriander, and juniper. With a second taste, drinkers may be able to detect hidden flavours of spice, botanicals, cinnamon, berries, and elderflower.

PRODUCER: Thames Distillers produces this gin. The distillery was founded in 1996. It was founded by and is currently run by Charles Maxwell. The Maxwell family is famous for making gin, as they have done so for eight generations. To date, Thames Distillers produces 60 unique types of gins, ranging from affordable to high-end.

COUNTRY: England, UK

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Thames Distillers The King Of Soho Gin is made using traditional gin making methods. This involves distilling the grain alcohol and adding the twelve flavourful botanicals, which give the gin its unique taste. This gin is quadruple distilled. After being distilled once, it is further distilled in two small stills at Thames Distillers. Finally, it is bottled.


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- The King of Soho is a London Dry Gin distilled in the heart of London using traditional methods; a complex spirit crafted with 12 botanicals to our unique flavour profile. The beautiful design of the bottle embodies the characteristics that make Soho unique.
- This premium quality gin is bespoke, smooth and full-bodied; soft juniper, coriander, with a high presence of citrus ingredients including grapefruit peel, balanced by angelica root and cassia.
- While remaining true to its London Dry heritage it has a delicate combination of sweetness, citrus and earthiness and a hint of grapefruit bitterness on the back of the palate.
- This Gin has clean and gentle nose which belies its strength that opens up to reveal classic juniper and pine notes with a refreshing zest of citrus oil. The tangy grapefruit reluctantly gives way to soft warming spice.
- A modern classic, it is complex yet harmonious and ideal for cocktails and drinks where the spirit is King.
- With this great tasting gin we celebrate the Spirit of Soho!
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