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Star Of Bombay

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Star Of Bombay is a new drink and a super-premium variety of the famous classic Bombay Sapphire. Its production is based on the same 8 ingredients as his older brother, including juniper, cilantro, lemon peel, lily, angelica, almonds, licorice and cassia. But as the proportions change, so does the gin with two new botanicals in Star Of Bombay : bergamot seeds and abelmoschus.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bombay Spirits Co.
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
75cl and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 47.5%
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Description of Star Of Bombay

Star Of Bombay


  • Color: transparent glass appearance.
  • Flavour: The nose, elegant notes of bergamot and black pepper are associated with more traditional juniper.
  • Palate: The palate is soft and velvety, emphasizing particularly spicy flavor.

PRODUCER: The Bombay Sapphire company belongs to the Bacardi group and was founded in 1987. Its name comes from the Star of Bombay, a sapphire of 182 carats found in Sri Lanka. The company produces its own gin by steam infusion process, using more traditional original stills Carterhead - Tom and Mary - dating from 1830, which the other two advanced copper stills 12,000 liters were added - Henry and Victoria. Innovation and tradition, the steam infusion method allows you to capture, through the steam, the flavor and essence of plants and preserve the particularities.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom.

Production Details: This Gin born in 2015 by the work of the master distiller Nikolas Fordham and botanical master Ivano Tonutti and is characterized by the presence of two vehicles, shell bergamot dried and gently harvested by hand in Calabria and seeds derived exclusively from okra 'Ecuador, carefully selected and then distilled slowly that will add a new dimension to the original recipe. distillation method is provided "single batch slow."

ALCOHOL: 47.5%

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The Producer

Bombay Spirits Co.

Bombay Spirits Co.

The story of Bombay Spirits Co. reads itself like a travel journal, running down from "the vibrant souks in Marrakesh to the vastness of the Sahara desert", where the company seeks out the coriander seeds. From Marrocco over West Africa we pass on the Indonesian island, Java, where Bombay Spirits Co searches for the grains of paradise, finally arriving in Indo-China.

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Star Of Bombay

4 /5

- Adding a rich new dimension to the original recipe.
- Ambrette seeds, solely sourced from Ecuador. And gently dried bergamot orange peel hand-picked in Calabria.
- To maintain the integrity of their 12 botanicals, they slow down our vapour infusion process and distil them for longer. Ensuring rich aromas and deeper flavours.
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Bombay Sapphire Star Of Bombay

4.5 /5

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Gin Star Of Bombay

4 /5

- Transparent color.
- Flavour: powerful, fresh and invigorating aroma of ripe junipers, a deep rich note of citrus and floral.
- Taste: very soft and flexible, balanced flavor, harmonious, well integrated, bold note of juniper, bergamot citrus rich, soft roundness, spices and fragrant floral deep ambrette note. Opulent, rounded character.

PRODUCER: Bombay Spirits Co.
COUNTRY: England.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: prepared with the original recipe of Bombay, with further addition of bergamot peel and seeds ambrette.
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