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The original Bombay gin dates back to 1761. Made using eight carefully selected botanicals, this gin has been making gin lovers happy for centuries. But, when you thought it could not get any better, Bombay released its Star of Bombay. Crafted in the historic Laverstoke Mill, a former paper mill which was transformed into a distillery for the express purpose of crafting Bombay gins, Star of Bombay is a vapour-infused gin. For this gin, Bombay slows down the process it uses for vapour infusion in order to achieve a deeper and richer range of aromas and flavours.

This derivation of the original recipe takes the eight original botanicals and adds an additional four. This results in an exotic gin that is worth the star in its name. The four additional botanicals added to the original Bombay gin recipe (just two more than the recipe for Bombay Sapphire) are grains of paradise, cubeb berries, bergamot orange peel, and Ecuadorian ambrette seeds. In a gin recipe, changing even one single botanical can mean a great change in the final flavour of the product.

Star of Bombay is a very smooth gin that deserves to star in whatever drink it is used in. Try it on its own or let it shine in a gin martini. Its complex flavour is a delight to the palate.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bombay Spirits Co.
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
70cl and 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 47.2%
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Description of Star of Bombay 1L

Star of Bombay 1L

TASTING NOTES OF Star of Bombay 1L:

  • Light color.
  • Flavour: a strong, fresh and stimulating mature junipers but combined with a deep rich note of citrus and floral aroma.
  • Taste: first balanced, harmonious and well integrated flavor, but then more complex layers: A bold note of junipers backed by rich citrus bergamot ;, the soft roundness with spices and deep fragrant floral note ambreta again. A round and opulent character.

PRODUCER: Bombay Spirits Co ..

COUNTRY: England.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: made from botanicals like the skin of naranza Bergamot Mountains Calabira or Hibiscus seeds of Ecuador distilled in small batch production.

ALCOHOL: 47.5%

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The Producer

Bombay Spirits Co.

Bombay Spirits Co.

The story of Bombay Spirits Co. reads itself like a travel journal, running down from "the vibrant souks in Marrakesh to the vastness of the Sahara desert", where the company seeks out the coriander seeds. From Marrocco over West Africa we pass on the Indonesian island, Java, where Bombay Spirits Co searches for the grains of paradise, finally arriving in Indo-China.

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