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Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl


Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Stanley's Gin
Volume: 50cl
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: England
Stanley's Gin is the proud maker of Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl (£21.16), a gin from England with an alcohol content of 37.5%. Rated with 4 of 5 points according to Drinks&Co's users.

Description of Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl

Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl


  • Colour: A bright and translucent red colour
  • Aroma: A tempting verdant bouquet of various bright herbs, including juniper, cassia, earthy nutmeg and coriander, and spritz of citrusy lemon and orange
  • Taste: A rich and creamy texture giving way to sweet and tart red strawberry flavours along with a healthy dose of vanilla cream. Perfect for a refreshing summery cocktail, particularly in fruit juice or lemonade on ice.

PRODUCER: Stanley's Gin.COUNTRY: England

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Stanley's Gin is well-known for its talent in quality gins. The company has also developed a reputation for expertly bringing flavoured gins to life. Stanleys Gin Strawberry & Cream 50cl represents a continuing trend of combining a sophisticated gin with classic British flavours. The base is made up of relatively traditional gin botanicals. The fundamental ingredients are: juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, orange, cassia, nutmeg and lemon. The added twist is that Stanley's distils the gin along with real strawberries. The gin is then infused with strawberry and vanilla to give it a nostalgic taste of strawberries and cream. The gin is sold in a whimsical bottle of a dog in a top hat and monocle, a wink to the classically British origins of this gin and its flavour inspiration.

ALCOHOL: 37.5%

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4 /5

- Sweet strawberries and cream.Perfect summer refreshment.
- Using the base botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Orris, Orange, Cassia, Nutmeg and Lemon. This is then flavoured with strawberries to give a taste profile like strawberries and cream.
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