Roku Gin


Roku Gin

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Gin Roku derives its name from the Japanese word for six, "Roku". What's more, this number is central this product. Indeed, it has six essential ingredients: Sakura flower, Yuzu peel, Sansho pepper, Sakura leaf, Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea. Following the same logic, the bottle is a hexagon. Finally, the overall design is decidedly Japanese with its label in washi paper covered with traditional calligraphy.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Suntory
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Japan

Description of Roku Gin

Roku Gin


  • Transparent color
  • Smell: aroma of cherry blossom, lemon, grapefruit and pepper
  • Taste: balanced, soft, fresh and honeyed, citrus notes of orange and yuzu and spicy cilantro, peppers with floral notes



DETAILS OF DEVELOPMENT: 6 Japanese botanists grown in the beautiful nature of Japan

Sakura blossom, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper.

Six Japanese botanists grown for four seasons, the six Japanese botanists have been carefully selected to create ROKU, Japan's authentic artisan gin.

Each botanist has been harvested at the peak of his season to extract the best flavor and distillate to fully embody the blessings of nature.

The harvest of the four seasons has been mixed to create the balanced flavor of ROKU.


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The Producer



Suntory is a Japanese brewery and distillery. Founded in 1899 Suntory started as a shop selling imported wines. In 1924 Japan's first distillery -Destilería Yamazaki- starts producing malt whiskey. Five years later, first sold in Japan Suntory Whiskey whiskey Shirofuda (White Label) being the first Japanese whiskey domestic production. In 1963 the company changed its name to Suntory.

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¿Japanese Geneva? With fame with the Japanese whiskeys had to try it, and has been a success. Since you open the box you know you're dealing with something special. The bottle weighs, is of very good quality and design is simply spectacular. I was surprised that the screw cap off. . . but I have searched google and it is normal in the Japanese market. I waited patiently for the arrival of the weekend to test it and called a couple of friends for the moment. . . Success! Now I can say I am against probably the best gin 'I have ever tasted !! And not just think of it, we have fallen in love. Nothing to do with the rest of gins, liqueurs understand that the Japanese are so fashionable and are so precious. I guess it's cheap because just launched in Spain, because outside is almost double, so it's a good time to test this past gin. Health!!
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5 /5

It is beyond delicious
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Roku Gin The Craft Gin

4 /5


  • Color: transparent crystal color.
  • Aroma: nose evokes a pleasant scent of cherry blossom, lemon, grapefruit and pepper.
  • Taste: on the palate is balanced gin, soft, smooth and fresh, which evokes citrus flavors of orange and spices coriander, pepper and flowers.

PRODUCER: Suntory.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: For the preparation of this bottle 6 botanicals grown in Japan are used. sakura flower and leaves included is sakura. These botanical grown in four seasons, and harvested at the peak of the season, and then distilled. Then the mixture of each station mixes the year to enjoy the bottle.


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3.5 /5

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Essential for any celebration

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