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Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition


Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

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Thanks to its orange and lemon blossoms the Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition unveils a generous fruity and floral fragrance. This gin is the Mediterranean in all its glory, the Carmona based Puerto de Indias accomplished a major feat with this gin which is comparable to a sensory symphony. It's light and fresh citric notes draw their inspiration from the Andalusian spring when the days lengthen and the temperatures rise. The Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition is ideal in the form of a cocktail such as a Mediterranean tonic with a twist of orange and a cinnamon stick to magnify the taste. It will delight you with its one-of-kind personality.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Puerto de Indias
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain
Type Of Vodka: Flavored

Description of Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition


  • Colour: This drink gets it's Pure Black Edition name due to the black chrome colouring of the bottle. However, the liquid inside the bottle is water-clear.
  • Aroma: Bitter notes fill the air once this bottle is opened. Strong alcoholic scents accompany it. Light floral and sweet scents of vanilla lighten the aroma.
  • Taste: The taste of this alcohol is similar to its smell. Puerto De Indias made this beverage with drinkers who like a stronger drink in mind. The company completed its goal well, as this drink has a slightly higher alcohol percentage than the average gin. Bitter flavours of juniper harshen the drink. Sweet flavours of orange blossom and vanilla lighten it.

PRODUCER: The Puerto De Indias distillery was first founded in the 1800's by the Izaguirre family. Since then, the distillery's recipes have changed over the years and their location has also changed. The distillery is now located in Seville, Spain.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Puerto De Indias does not reveal their alcohol-making secrets. However, we do know how it is traditionally made. Firstly, to be considered a gin, the primary flavour must be juniper and the alcohol percentage must be over 35%. In the case of this drink, additional botanicals were added to add complementary levels of flavour. Some of these botanicals include jasmine, orange blossom, citrus juices/peel, and vanilla.


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The Producer

Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias is a Premium Gin manufactured in Carmona (Seville) in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries of Andalusia. Its name relates to the discovery of the Americas when Seville was becoming one of the principal trading ports for the exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.

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Reviews of Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition


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La gin que más me gusta. Conozco quien la utiliza de locion after shave.
Y añado, su sabor lleno de armonía, de equilibro, de originalidad, de pasión y de aroma sutil hace que la considere la mejor.
Ah, algunos d mi entorno la tomamos sola -en chupito-
después de las comidas. Muy digestiva.
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Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

4 /5

Un bon gin. Une jolie surprise livré en coffret avec son verre
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Gin Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

4 /5

Lovely thanks, old fav
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Gin Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition

4.5 /5

nice crisp and fresh
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