Mom God Save The Gin

González Byass (Gin)

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Mom God Save The Gin is the Premium gin launched by González Byass and known as the little sister of Gin London No. 1. It reveals the same duality as the British character: tradition and modernity. Want to taste it in a gin tonic now?

Technical sheet · Mom God Save The Gin

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: González Byass
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 39,5%
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Description · González Byass

Mom God Save The Gin


  • Pink colour.
  • Flavour: The nose can smell the aromas of berries that add a delightful touch to this gin, almost reminiscent of the smell of strawberry candy.
  • Palate: enveloping notes of juniper emerge, however, greatly softened by red fruits, dominated by strawberries and raspberries. soft, round and very sweet taste, this gin has an unabashedly feminine character.

PRODUCER: González Byass winery is one of the most famous producers of sherry in Spain. The origins date back to 1835, when Manuel María González Angel, gave birth to this activity that later the British actor Robert Blake Byass joined. The business was further expanded by the second generation of the Gonzalez family, including Críspulo Manuel Gonzalez and Soto. The Gonzalez family hired the exclusive control of the company in 1988 and produces up to Tio Pepe sherry.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom.

Production details: A Premium gin made with exotic herbs and berries. After a quadruple distillation, ensuring the smoothness and quality of gin, which is steeped in botany and in particular with red fruits that highlight both the nose is to the palate. Designed for women, it occurs in honor of the queen and her motto is: "God save the gin."

ALCOHOL: 39.5%

González Byass

Gonzalez Byass was founded in 1835 when the young Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel reached Jerez willing to take a place in the prosperous and thriving sherry business. Encouraged by the continuous development of exports, in the same year he acquired a small winery and started to produce and, finally,...

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Highlighted review about Mom God Save The Gin


Posted on at 10.59


Mom God Save The Gin

Mom God Save The Gin is a gin Gin London Dry Gin made by Gonzalez Byass. 'Queen of gins' has a smooth character and aromatic thanks to its four distillations in which the use of red fruits. These are distilled column to assimilate vapors notes harmoniously, giving as a result an aromatic, soft, dry gin.
Geneva Mom God Save The Gin, 'The Queen of Gins' born with the aim of creating a gin with notes of fruits of the forest while maintaining low sugar level, a soft, dry aromatic gin. Gin fortifiers Gonzalez Byass is, fortifier The London Gin No. 1, a gin consolidated both nationally and internationally.
Geneva Mom God Save The Gin marida a great tonic accompanied pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries.

View: Given presented with a clear and clean color.
Nose: Aromatic, delicate and enveloping notes of red fruits and berries.
Palate: Very smooth and creamy mouth at the entrance, with a fine spirit of his good distillation, and the end is very aromatic with hints of fresh fruit large.
ALCOHOLIC Geneva Mom God Save The Gin: 39, 5 degrees

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Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

Mom Gin

- MOM,The Queen of Gins, was created with the aim of breaking stereotypes. Smooth but distinctive, aristocratic and plebeian, elegant and rebellious. Its design, black and magenta, is intended to represent the duality of the British character: tradition and modernity.
- The result is a premium gin made with red berries and exotic botanicals that blend into an extremely gentle drink. Its exciting personality results from infusing the gin with red berries after four distillations in copper stills. From now on, gin and tonic will be aromatic and fruity.
- MOM exudes a feminine, fashionable and sophisticated feel, all with a transgressive touch. God Save the Gin!
Brian Newton

Posted on at 07.58

5 /5

Packing very good product is excellent
Charlotte Williams

Posted on at 03.19

5 /5

Beautiful gin. Perfectly balanced. Tastes great with frozen strawberrys
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