Ketel 1 Gin 1L


Ketel 1 Gin 1L

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Ketel 1 is a name known around the world for its fine line of vodkas. It is the product of the Nolet Distillery, founded in Schiedam, in the Netherlands in 1691. With more than 325 years of experience in distilling high-quality spirits, it should not be surprising that the company managed to conquer the world with their Ketel 1 Vodka. But have you tried Ketel 1 Gin?

Ketel 1 products are named after the coal-fired copper still, Distilleerketel #1, that was used to produce their spirits. The original Ketel 1 Gin is made from a mixture of the best rye, wheat, and corn that are distilled with a top-secret collection of fine herbs and spices. After being left to mature in oak barrels for a short time, the finished product is bottled and sent to us to enjoy.

Because the maturation period is so short, Ketel 1 Gin remains crystal clear and ready for mixing. The delicate spices and mix of grains result in a sweet, mellow gin with a slightly spiced aftertaste. If you like Ketel 1 Vodka, why not try Ketel 1 Gin? This elegant gin lives up to its name and is an excellent addition to any gin lover's collection.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Nolet Distillery
Volume: 100cl
Country: Netherlands
Type Of Gin: Jenever

Description of Ketel 1 Gin 1L

Ketel 1 Gin 1L


  • Vista: The Ketel 1 Gin 1L is clear and transparent.
  • Nose: Fine and complex gin smells pleasantly tickle the nostrils, leaving gradually reveal the different plants that compose it. If the gin is present, citrus appear shortly, followed by keys pepper and oriental spices.
  • Palate: The attack is lively but the mouth is surprisingly smooth. The richness of aromas completely envelop the palate before a long, fresh finish.

PRODUCER: It's been 325 years since the Nolet gin distillation, family however, and surprisingly enough, thanks to vodka, Ketel 1 the last, since it has less than 40 years the brand was known internationally. In fact, it was not until the late 70s that want to export to the United States House of Nolet has diversified by creating the secular side vodka gin that incorporates all the qualities of their ancestral alcohol. The success was unexpected and growing, and Ketel 1 Brand is now recognized worldwide.

COUNTRY: Netherlands.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The brand Ketel 1 when the name (meaning Ketel boiler) remains the oldest distillery. Is still in use is the proud representative of a long tradition and a mastery that achieves both a pure and rich flavors alcohol. In addition, various herbs and spices used (and secrets jealously) make this a reference gin in the world.


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Ketel 1 Gin 1L

4 /5

TASTING NOTES:Colour: Ketel 1 Gin 1L has a brightly transparent appearance.Aroma: Subtle scents of malt and fresh juniper berries with herbal notes.Taste: Smooth, fine, and mild, with classic young Dutch gin flavours of juniper and malt, like a blessed marriage of London dry gin and Scotch whisky.PRODUCER: Nolet Distillery was founded in 1691 by a family of French Huguenot refugees, and incredibly it remains in the hands of the Nolet family all these years later. Ketel 1 Gin 1L is named after the family's original coal-fired copper ‘kettle', or still, which is in operation yet. The town in which the family chose to settle and do business, Schiedam, had over 400 distilleries by the end of the 1800s. However, today only a distillery museum and the Nolet Distillery remain. Not only has the company persevered, it continues to build on its centuries of expertise and quality while crafting new products to delight the modern market.COUNTRY: NetherlandsPRODUCTION DETAILS: Ketel 1 Gin 1L is produced using the finest grain distillates and aged grain eau-de-vie, together with a secret and sophisticated melange of botanicals. Distilled in copper stills over fires tended constantly by a Master Stoker, the resulting young jenever briefly matures and is enriched in oak barrels.ALCOHOL: 35%
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