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Hoxton Gin


Hoxton Gin

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Hoxton Gin is a premium gin inspired by the creativity found in Hoxton in East London, from where it takes its name. Hoxton Gin is made by one of the world's leading microdistillers. This bold and creative gin is different from its competitors as it takes the classic gin, which is driven by juniper, and adds the exotic flavours of grapefruit and coconut into the mix.

To produce Hoxton Gin , only the finest ethically-sourced ingredients are collected. These are then macerated for five days before being distilled in a traditional copper pot still. This mix is then blended with a grain spirit and natural coconut and pink grapefruit before being filtered. The mixture is finally allowed to rest to give the flavours in the gin time to meld together properly. The ingredients in Hoxton Gin include juniper, grapefruit, coconut, ginger, tarragon, and iris.

This innovative gin opens up new worlds for gin-based cocktails. You can take a step out of the ordinary and try something a bit more exotic with a bottle of Hoxton Gin . Smooth and easy to drink, try mixing Hoxton into any of your favourite gin cocktails. Enjoy it by itself or mixed with tropical flavours to blend with its coconut and grapefruit notes.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Calabrese Harte Enterprise
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: England

Description of Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin


  • Colour: Hoxton Gin is brightly transparent.
  • Aroma: There's no getting away from coconut and grapefruit with Hoxton Gin, that's what it's proudly about, and there's a note of pine.
  • Taste: Straightforwardly coconut and grapefruit on the palate, the creamy sweetness of one balanced by the zesty bitterness of the other, then silky juniper makes a late and brief appearance, followed by a subtly herbal finish.

PRODUCER: Gabriel Boudier of Dijon, world-famous distillers.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Can a gin still be called a gin when juniper is not the dominant flavour? As long as there is actually juniper in there somewhere, and it goes well with tonic, or perhaps ginger ale, well, why not? This is the view of Gerry Calabrese, mixologist and owner of East End London bar The Hoxton Pony, who developed this ‘premium gin with attitude'. Blending ethically-sourced coconut, ginger, grapefruit, iris, and tarragon with its juniper and with French summer wheat, Hoxton Gin has five days of maceration prior to distillation in 150-year-old copper stills; filtration; and two months resting in steel tanks. The combination of London attitude and tropical taste makes Hoxton Gin the Notting Hill Carnival of gins. If you want to be a bit festive and naughty, it's terrific with Red Bull.


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Reviews of Hoxton Gin


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4 /5

- The brainchild of Gerry Calabrese and James Rackham of Emporia Brands who appointed world renowned distillers, Gabriel Boudier of Dijon, France, the task to make this unusual, tasty grapefruit and coconut gin.
- There is a subtle rather than overwhelming presence of juniper on the nose; on the palate a variety of botanicals vie for prominence, including coconut and grapefruit, with grapefruit winning out in the end.
- This is superbly well balanced gin with a silky, mouth-filling range of flavours.
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