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Angeac Distillery (Gin)

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This gin, Gin Magellan 1L (£30.56), is made by Angeac Distillery with roots in France with an alcoholic content of 44%. According to Drinks&Co users, the Gin Magellan 1L deserves an evaluation of 4,1 of 5 points.
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Magellan Gin is named after the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan. It is thanks to his travels and the spices he discovered that gin even exists. This is the explorer who left Spain to circumnavigate the world and explore the spice islands. While he never made it back from Spain, several barrels of cloves did complete the journey.

Magellan Gin is handcrafted in the Angeac Distillery in France where French wheat is triple distilled with demineralized spring water. The resulting spirit is then put into a small artisanal copper pot with the selected botanicals for a fourth and final distillation. The eleven sundried botanicals used to infuse the gin are cloves, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, iris root and flower, cassia, liquorice, juniper berries, orange peel, grains of paradise, and nutmeg. The natural iris root and flowers are what give the gin its beautiful blue colouring as well as its fresh flavour.

This unrivalled gin comes in a clear glass bottle in order to show off the gorgeous natural blue hue of the finished gin. Whether it is the colour of the sky or the colour of the open sea is up to the drinker to decide. All that matters is the flavour. Magellan Gin is fantastic on the rocks or as a part of any classic gin cocktail. Its floral notes allow it to marry well with other floral flavours. Let your imagination carry you away and take Magellan Gin along for the ride.

Technical sheet · Gin Magellan

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Angeac Distillery
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 44%
Country: France

Description · Angeac Distillery

Gin Magellan 1L


  • Color: Gin Magellan 1L is gin bluish due to iris flower
  • Nose: floral aromas , slightly spicy and citrus ,
  • Mouth: The final product is clean , well balanced , light body and light flavor , slightly spicy and slightly bitter afterPalate .

PRODUCER : Angeac Distillery

ALCOHOL: 44.0 % alc . / Vol .

Angeac Distillery

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Highlighted review about Gin Magellan 1L

Posted on at 04.42


Gin Magellan 1L

Alcohol: 44, 0
Country: France
Contents: 1, 0 l
His name is a tribute to Ferdinando Magellano, who went around the world in search of spices.
Magellan Gin owes its blue color to the presence of iris root in his 11 herbs. Its preparation is carried out with the fermentation of wheat with triple...
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Posted on at 11.24


Magellan Gin 1L

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Posted on at 10.12


Magellan 1L




The English gin is produced by grinding mixture of high alcohol whiskey or alcoholic mixes such that lose aroma and flavor. These...
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Posted on at 10.30


Nagellan Gin: Una ginebra para navegantes…

Gin French Premium which pays tribute to Magellan. Portuguese sailor who went around the world in Spanish vessels.
An artisan gin, excellent fermentation wheat grain valley Beauce, Gensac spring...
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Posted on at 07.15


What a great discovery!

Posted on at 15.23


Gin Magellan 1L

- Colour: Blue with a high level of transparency.
- Smell: Points spicy, earthy and slightly citrus.
- Taste: spicy notes of clove and pepper, earthy notes of roots, which...
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Posted on at 12.57


In 1519, five ships led by Ferdinand de Magellan set out to circumnavigate the world and explore the "spice islands. " Three years later, only the ship Victoria returned to Spain, with 18 people...
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Posted on at 12.35


Gin Magellan 1L

It is a French Premium Gin, 44.0% alc. / Vol., Obtained by Quad traditional batch distillation three wheat grain with water, and a fourth with botanicals incorporated, which is called Destillation...
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Posted on at 15.37


Bluish color due to the iris flower, very balanced, light-bodied, with floral aromas, spicy and slightly citrus and light taste, slightly spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste.
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Posted on at 11.18


Magellan Blue Gin 1000ml 44,0% Alcohol is a Premium Gin.
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Posted on at 04.45


The Magellan Gin is a premium gin distilled in France i owes its blue color to the presence of iris root. Its preparation and after the fermentation of wheat, is holding a craft triple...
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