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Angelica, juniper, lemon and orange peel, chamomile, coriander, cumin, guinea pepper, java pepper, iris root, meadowsweet, elderflower, cucumber and Bulgarian rose petals: these are the special ingredients of Gin Hendrick's 1.75L .

Not only the ingredients but also the bottle that contains this eccentric gin is quite original. It is inspired, in fact, by the style of bottles that contained medicines in pharmacies of the Victorian era, and the date on the label, 1886, refers to the year of foundation of the distillery William Grant.

But why the cucumber? Legend has it that master distiller Lesley Gracie was inspired by the custom of many Britons to eat cucumber sandwiches in gardens and parks.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Girvan Distillery
Volume: 175cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 44%
Country: England

Description of Gin Hendrick's 1.75L

Gin Hendrick's 1.75L

TASTING NOTES OF Gin Hendrick's 1.75L :

  • Light color.
  • Flavour: juniper, coriander and citrus.
  • Taste: floral, spicy, balanced.

PRODUCER: Girvan Distillery.

COUNTRY: Scotland.

ALCOHOL: 41.4%

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The Producer

Girvan Distillery

Girvan Distillery

Named after the part of Scotland in which it was built, the Girvan Distillery has been around since 1963. This Scottish whisky manufacturer is invested in both ensuring the tradition of whisky making as well as innovating ways to craft even better spirits. Owned by William Grant & Sons Ltd, the company has a small but powerful collection of single grain Scotch whiskies that are all made with extreme care and pride.

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4 /5

Gin Hendricks is unique for its botanical peculiarity, for distillation of some flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world and the end of the distillation is added an infusion of rose petals and cucumber which gives those subtle nuances They characterize.
This Scottish gin inspired by a pleasant spring afternoon he enjoyed the master distiller of whiskey in which he took a cucumber sandwich accompanied by a gin and tonic in a flowery garden. To capture this feeling created Hendrick s, named in honor of Mr. Hendrick, gardener who took care of the rose garden.
Hendricks Gin has a recipe that has won numerous awards, we recommend that you continue to the full to surprise your guests: Recipe Hendricks gin cocktail Green Cooler Ingredients: 5cl. Hendricks Gin Geneva. 10cl. lemon juice. 1 tablespoon orange marmalade. 4cl. coup cucumber syrup. 1 5cl. milk. Solid ice preparation mode Geneva Hendricks cocktail Green Cooler: Mix all ingredients in a shaker, shake vigorously and serve the content in a cocktail glass. To give a touch gasified add ginger ale and fever tree to decorate and give a fresh touch add a slice of cucumber as it could not be otherwise treated to a cocktail the Geneva Hendricks Gin.

View: In view comes with a transparent color.
Nose: notes of juniper although Claras include coriander and citrus peel. Rose petals and cucumber are a bit in the background.
Boca: Domina cucumber fragrance rose while passing a second term. Coriander and juniper become a presence and is a citrus component, blood orange. End of rosewater and citrus peel.
Hendricks Geneva Alcohol: 44 degrees
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4 /5

Brewed in an exclusive XIX century alembic through a distillation luxury. Among its ingredients include herbal teas rose Bulgarian and Dutch cucumber.

Country: Scotland
Alcohol content: 44º
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4 /5

Alcohol: 44, 0
Country: Scotland
Contents: 1, 75 l
Unique features for the ultimate cult liquor.
Unlike ordinary gin, Hendrick's is distilled in the country
less gin of all, Scotland. This allows us to draw on centuries
of distilling experience, as well as the abundant, fresh and sweet
Penwhapple waters of the Reservoir.
Hendrick's attaches great value to the extraordinarily sublime
quality of ingredients. It is used only the best for
the most original palette of eleven essences, collected at the four corners
of the world.
Only Hendrick's exploits union between very different liquors
Carter coming out of the still-Head and Bennet. Thanks to this

combination creates a divinely soft gin, which owns both the
character that the balance of subtle flavors.
Hendrick's is handmade in tiny batches of just
450 liters at a time. More the lot is small, the better control you can
It is exercised by the man of the stills.
With its infusion of cucumber and rose petals, this gin is a product
refreshing, with an incredibly delicious aroma.
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