Gin G'Vine Nouaison


Gin G'Vine Nouaison

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The recipe for gin is relatively simple. You take a neutral spirit and infuse it with the botanicals of your choice before distilling it to perfection. Within that recipe, though, there is so much space for innovation. This is exactly where G'Vine steps in. Most gins use a base spirit crafted from neutral grain. G'Vine, a French brand of gin that was invented by the same man as Cîroc Vodka, takes a grape-based approach instead.

This super-premium gin sets itself apart for both its base and botanicals. G'Vine Nouaison comes in at the higher ABV end of the range of gins offered by the company. Fresh botanicals are added to a neutral grape brandy made using French Ugni blanc grapes from the Cognac region. These botanicals include juniper, cassia bark, coriander, cubeb berries, ginger root, green cardamom, lime, liquorice, and nutmeg.

The name "nouaison" is a French term for the blossoming of the vine flowers. This gives a hint as to the secret ingredient in this gin: the tiny green berries that will someday become full-grown grapes. The final taste is closer to a classic London Dry gin than the other products in the G'Vine line, but with a beautiful floral side. This gin weighs in at 43.9% alcohol per volume, offering a nice alcohol heat without being overwhelming.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: G'Vine
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 50ml
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: France

Description of Gin G'Vine Nouaison

Gin G'Vine Nouaison


  • Colour: No colour, with minimal turbidity.
  • Smell: Aromas of citrus, very aromatic.
  • Taste: More intense and spicy than her partner Floraison, soft, silky, light and fresh on the palate, with sweet taste for alcohol, tastier when cold.

ALCOHOL:45% vol. .

INGREDIENTS: Geneva grape alcohol obtained from Ugni Blanc de Cognac, is distilled with the classics botanicals. Botanists used are juniper, orange, lime, coriander, licorice, green cardamom, cassia, nutmeg and Java pepper.

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Gin fragrant, very nice.
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Gin G'Vine Nouaison

4 /5

- After the blossoming period in June comes the setting (Nouaison in French), i.e. the birth of the berry.
- The fecundated vine flower forms a tiny green berry that fixes itself onto the stem.
- GVine Nouaison captures the emotion around this birth and its silver grey bottle embodies the unique and vibrant concentration of energy, intensity and spiciness of this phase.
- Tasting notes: Silky, intensely spicy, subtly floral.
- Nose: Round and warm, acutely botanical, viny, woodsy/forestlike, juniper and cassia bark.
- Palate: Fruity and rich. Intense and complex aromas of cinnamon bark, baked citrus, floral juniper follow through on a round, silky, zesty and robust entry. Very sharp and with a solid character.
- Finish: powerful interplay of juniper, herb, wood and flowery notes, fruity ripe, citrusy.
- G'Vine Nouaison amplifies the aromas of the spices, yet retains the sensual and silky grape base as well as the subtle floral note.
- Superb in a dry martini or in a cocktail, it is an absolute alternative to the classic London Dry gin.
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4 /5

Delicate and very pleasant
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0 /5

With the same basic grapes Ugni Blanc and flowers as in the case of G'Vine Floraison, this new evolution takes us G'Vine when fertilized flower and when it germinates in a tiny green berry.

G'Vine Nouaison captures the excitement of this birth, and his distinctive gray bottle concentrated vibrant energy, intensity and aromas of this happy event.

The end result is an intensely spicy, less floral, velvety notes of gin and drier than the Floraison tasting, enriched with notes of juniper and cassia Cortezza.

It has a classic but extremely pervasive and complex. We also find hints of cinnamon and citrus give way to a very long finish.
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G'Vine Nouaison

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