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The Gin Giró 1L (£10.07) by Bardinet: a gin from Spain with an alcohol content of 37.5%. The Drinks&Co community values the Gin Giró 1L with 4,1 of 5 points being viewed with peñín: 81.
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Giró Gin was first created in Barcelona, Spain in 1930. Its name comes from its founder, Pedro Giró, and its recipe has been unchanged since it was first perfected way back in 1930. The clear glass bottle with its hexagonal label stands out from the crowd while the blue, gold, and white used on that label bring to mind the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape from which this gin is crafted and bottled.

Made using traditional copper stills, the production of Giró Gin is approached like the production of a work of art. Freshly harvested juniper berries are partnered with distillates of other plants that are native to the area of Barcelona along with other botanicals from exciting exotic locations like Kerala, India and the island of Madagascar. Macerated and distilled, this secret mix of ingredients results in a gin that has been celebrated in Barcelona as well as in Spain as a whole.

The freshness of the juniper is what really makes Giró Gin special when compared to its competitors. This extraordinary gin is very classic, but it is a classic done right. If you cannot make it to Barcelona to enjoy a lovely Giró Gin and tonic overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean, the next best thing would be to buy a bottle and enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean in your very own home.

Technical sheet · Gin Giró

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bardinet
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: Spain

Description · Bardinet

Gin Giró 1L


  • Colour: Gin Giró 1L has a bright and crystal clear appearance.
  • Aroma: A nose of the freshest juniper with an alluring echo of orange zest.
  • Taste: Fine, dry, and excellently oily, with elegant notes of angelica, coriander, and ginger.

PRODUCER: Bardinet, which purchased Gin Giró 1L in 2014, is based in France, with an impressive variety of spirits in its broad international holdings. Its impressive facilities for the production of this famous and popular Spanish gin are in Gelida on the outskirts of Barcelona, from which place it was first introduced to the world.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Barcelona native Pedro Giró created the recipe for Gin Giró 1L in 1930, and it remains unchanged and just as appreciated today. The distinctive bottle and its white label with blue and gold accents reflect well the classic and venerable nature of this Mediterranean gin. Gin Giró 1L is crafted with distillates of plants native to the Barcelona region as well as more exotic botanicals from as far afield as Kerala and Madagascar, using traditional copper stills. The heart of any gin, however, is its juniper, and Gin Giró 1L contains only the freshest and highest quality juniper available, ensuring its reliable excellence and continuity of taste.

ALCOHOL: 37.5%


Created in 1857, Bardinet has remained a standard-setting company in the production of Rum, thanks to its flagship brand "Negrita" which remains an illustrious example of traditional rum. That being said, far from limiting itself to its original recipe, Bardinet has evolved drastically over two...

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Highlighted review about Gin Giró 1L

Posted on at 05.21


Gin Giró 1L

Gin Giró made from a distillation comes from a 1860 recipe and across generations has evolved and perfected. The result is a dry gin, intense aroma and a clear flavor of juniper.
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Posted on at 08.12


Again a Spanish gin (not to be confused with Gin Xoriguer, which is really something else). Delicious in a gin and tonic.
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Posted on at 10.28


A beautiful oily gin
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Posted on at 22.27


since I know them as collaborators of my page I want another brand are great that's why now I go with my purchase because there is nothing better than to relax with a cocktail in looks
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Posted on at 08.45


An excellent, dry and very fine gin. Great quality Catalan and Spanish. I recommend it.
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Posted on at 05.37


Giro 1L is a mighty spirit

Posted on at 09.04


- Tasting notes: A dry gin, intense and sweet aroma on the palate, flavored with juniper and dry finish. Soft low alcohol content, ideal for a "Donosti".
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Posted on at 05.11


It is manufactured in Barcelona by Pedro Giró, based on a recipe dating back to 1860 and over the years has had variations.
It is a dry gin, intense and sweet aroma on the palate, flavored with...
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Posted on at 11.50


It is intense and fragrant, and juniper dominates on notes of coriander and some ginger.

Alcohol content: 40 °
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Posted on at 13.00


It is a dry gin 37.5% alc. / Vol. It is manufactured in Barcelona by Pedro Giro, based on a recipe dating back to 1860 and over the years it has had variations. It is a dry gin, sweet aroma and...
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Posted on at 15.37


Crystal color, strong aroma and intense flavor of juniper.
Gin made in Barcelona following a recipe scientist Antonio de la Boe, 1860, by slow distillation at varying temperatures.
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