Gin Citadelle Réserve


Gin Citadelle Réserve

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When talking about barrel ageing, it can be hard to think of a spirit that is not aged in wood. Tequila, whisky, wine, brandy, various liqueurs, and more are all left to rest and mature in wood over time, to allow the colour and flavour of the wood to insert itself into the spirit, mellowing it at the same time. When Citadelle Réserve Gin was first released in 2008, this wood-aged gin was quite the novelty.

With so many contemporary gins with unique flavour combinations on the market, it may seem surprising that barrel ageing does not appear more often. Citadelle Réserve Gin is a golden aged gin that offers something that competitors cannot: the taste that can only be achieved through contact with wood. Not just any wood, but five different types of wood are used to give this gin its distinct flavour profile: acacia, mulberry, cherry, chestnut, and French oak. After five months spent ageing in these different types of wood, the gin is married and bottled.

Pale liquid gold in the bottle, this award-winning French gin has brought aged gin back into the limelight, offering a silky softness on the palate. Why add more and more botanicals when the simple barrel - an important ingredient in so many spirits for so many centuries - can wield a type of magic that no herb can?

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Maison Ferrand
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 42,5%
Country: France

Description of Gin Citadelle Réserve

Gin Citadelle Réserve


  • Color: gold, clear as crystal.
  • Flavour: A mixture of floral notes, fruity and spicy.
  • Palate: Silky, smooth, with a long lingering finish.

PRODUCER: Maison Ferrand.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Alejandro Gabriel, are set to produce gin as it was before. He succeeded with their Gin Citadelle Réserve. How, he deserves to be told. It started as a test at the family level: to produce a distillate matured in wooden barrels, as before, when the glass was too expensive and stainless steel existed. In 2008 came the first production, intended for a few close friends and some waiters complacent: it was a success. He had found the botanical right: artemisia, yuzu and bleue, and had matured for five months in wooden barrels, as once: acacia, French oak, mulberry, chestnut, cherry, 5 different scents that permeate the distillate from his scent . Later he had refined in oak barrels and bottled. He had created the first and only French gin made with ancient techniques. Almost heresy for a deep-rooted in the cognac distillery, but that earned him the World Spirits Gin Masters of San Francisco Award. The Gin Citadelle Réserve is great to take alone or with an ice cube, but cocktails that impress knows his character. Try a classic Negroni.

ALCOHOL: 45.2%

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The Producer

Maison Ferrand

Maison Ferrand

Cognac Ferrand is the result of the encounter in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Cognac region. Alexandre Gabriel’s intention was to breathe new life into Cognac Ferrand and make it the world’s best cognac. He wanted to maintain age-old, craft-based production methods which were worlds apart from mass production techniques, and sought to bring back to market the true expression of Grande Champagne’s – known as Cognac’s finest region – great terroir.

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Combined with strips of orange peel and a cinnamon stick goes well
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Gin Citadelle Réserve

4 /5

- Citadelle Gin Reserve is the only gin worldwide refined 6 months in old oak casks.
- With a unique know-how in the ageing art of Cognac, our cellar master - Frederic Gilbert - wanted to find out what refining in wood could bring to Citadelle Gin, since the complexity and structure seemed to lend itself to such an experience.
- This age long recipe will lead lovers of spirits to discover what could be gin many centuries ago, long before the modern technology appearance.
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4 /5




The English gin is produced by grinding mixture of high alcohol whiskey or alcoholic mixes such that lose aroma and flavor. These are then reduced with water and placed in containers of flavoring agents. Then, the mixture is again distilled. To the resulting gin gets reduced to having an alcohol content that goes between 40C and 47C depending on the market for which it is produced.
The herbs used to flavor gin in England and America are strawberries; preferably those produced in Germany and Italy; more than any other flavoring in the smaller proportion; orris, angelica and licorice; almonds, coriander, caraway, cardamom, anise, lemon peel, orange, etc..
As always, the secret of each producer is the herbal combination brings to distillation to perfume it, so we all have developed their own formulas that secretly stored. Current Gin is a spirit produced by distilling grains such as malted barley, maize and duly rectified and flavored with juniper berries rye. Both taste and smell are obtained by distillation
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Citadelle Reserva

4 /5

Citadelle Réserve Gin is the only gin around the world refined for 6 months in old oak barrels. Limited production, it is difficult to find outside the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering).
Gin to enjoy a good chat.
Pale golden, creamy aromas, some juniper color, being in the mouth where better perceive their notes, with hints of anise and cinnamon spicy type.

This gin really is good to enjoy it alone with ice, or how Dry Martini, although to be honest I take it as Gin Tonic:
The glass ball serve with ice to stop (to fill the glass), with the help of the shaker spoon stir the ice crystals to cool the glass and remove the water that has been released.
This time I select just a few mint leaves 4 or 5. Moment take Citadelle Reserve Gin (short story 1001, 1002 and 1003) from a certain height in order to be oxygenated.
And finally, aided by a spiral spoon, add the tonic, very slowly. This time choose the Qtónic tone for what I stand to be gin.
And enjoy!
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Gin CITADELLE RESERVE: Una ginebra para disfrutar de una buena sobremesa

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