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Maison Ferrand produces the Gin Citadelle (£26.24), a gin from France showing an alcohol content of 44%. Drinks&Co users give this Gin Citadelle 4,1 of 5 points and qualified with peñín: 94.
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Citadelle is half "revival" half new innovation: "revival" because it's a gin that's inspired in the first gin produced in France , in the "Citadelle"; innovation because the distillery Maison Ferrand is situated on France's southeast corner, more famous for its cognacs more than for its gin. But perhaps the boldest part was the revelation that during the low season, when they couldn't legally distill Cognac, they started to distill gin. The government finally relinquished in the year 95, and thus began the magic of the open flames and stills. And so was this famous gin born.

Technical sheet · Gin Citadelle

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Maison Ferrand
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 44%
Country: France

Description · Maison Ferrand

Gin Citadelle


  • Transparent color.
  • Flavour: notes of juniper and jasmine, with an ending that called anise and cinnamon.
  • Taste: The fine flavor, spicy, elegant, beautiful freshness.

PRODUCER: Made in the Poitou-Charentes (France), Maison Ferrand who, in 1775, obtained permission from Louis XVI to produce distillates. The distillery was opened with twelve still images Citadelle de Dunkerque, while achieving the privilege of supplying only the royal house for twenty years.

COUNTRY: France.

Production details: The recipe was developed in 1771 at a distillery in Dunkirk, one of the first ports of Europe on the way back to the carriers trading company who returned from the east laden with spices. Although the recipe is kept secret, the ingredients include 19 different species such as juniper France, cilantro Morocco, almonds and lemon zest and sour Spain, Mexico peel juicy oranges, angelica northern Germany, India , cardamom, cinnamon bark cassia Sri Lanka and Indochina, Chinese licorice, spicy flavor of grains of paradise West African pepper cubeba from Java, Dutch cumin, salt and stars French anise, nutmeg, fennel and orris root of Italy, prized for its digestive properties. Voted best gin in the world in 2008, which should be served at a temperature of 16-18 ° C in order to appreciate all the features.


Maison Ferrand

Cognac Ferrand is the result of the encounter in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Cognac region. Alexandre Gabriel’s intention was to breathe new life into Cognac Ferrand and make it the world’s best cognac. He wanted to maintain age-old,...

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Highlighted review about Gin Citadelle

Posted on at 12.41


Gin Citadelle

Citadelle Gin is made from 19 botanicals that are infused in a clean spirit for 72 hours! After this Citadelle gin has all its body and is then distilled over a naked flame in a copper pot still. Authentic and flavourful, with its 69 awards doing the talking. 32 of which are Gold Medals!

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Posted on at 20.08

5 /5

Yet to taste, but looks good

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

- The recipe for Citadelle Gin was developed by a distillery in Dunkirk in 1771. Dunkirk was one of the first ports of call in Europe for many explorers sailing back from the Orient, whose ships were laden with exotic herbs and spices.
- Citadelle Gin is made according to principles laid down in the original recipe. Although the production techniques have improved over the centuries, we still use the same 19 botanicals listed in the original recipe.
- Citadelle Gin is the only gin in the world made with 19 different botanicals, giving the gin a unique, complex, well-balanced flavour. The secret recipe is known only by the master distiller. In keeping with the traditions of the first European trading captains of the 17th century, only the finest spices are used. This unrivalled variety of spices comes from many distant and diverse places: Juniper, France; Coriander, Morocco; Orange peel, Mexico; Cardamom, India; Liquorice, China; Cubeb pepper, Java; Savory, France; Fennel, Mediterranean; Iris, Italy; Cinnamon, Sri Lanka; Violets, France; Almonds, Spain; Cassia, Indochina; Angelica, Germany; Grains of paradise, West Africa; Cumin, Holland; Nutmeg, India, Lemon rind, Spain, Star anise, France.
- Citadelle gin is triple-distilled from wheat and spring water. Before being steeped in neutral alcohol, the botanicals are carefully selected and then placed in a specific bag. This infusion is then distilled to capture each separate aroma, so that the intermingled, complex flavours can develop independently.

Posted on at 16.46

5 /5

My husband was raving about this citadelle gin after a trip to Biarritz I couldn't find this to buy anywhere in the UK to purchase on line. After finding UVinum and ordering 2 bottles I was a bit skeptical after reading some of the reviews and it being alcohol and having to pay VAT & Duty. To my surprise this order came within a week and no charges. I placed a second order from a different supplier but same website ( UVinum ) of the citadelle with matching glasses gift box, and that came within about 10 days. I hardly ever write reviews but in this case I felt was necessary. Both of my items were fantastic prices with a great service. I will definitely wouldn't hesitate to use UVinum again. Keep up the good work UVinum
Jo from Hull

Posted on at 12.17

5 /5


Posted on at 20.22

5 /5

great gin so pleased the company stock it 5 stars

Posted on at 04.55

4 /5

Gin recipe dates back to 1771 in Dunkirk, then one of the largest ports in Europe which came shiploads of exotic herbs and spices. While the ingredients in this recipe are kept, production techniques have been perfected elaborating it in a traditional copper still.
Within its composition are juniper, salt, star anise and violets from France, lemon rind and almonds from Spain; cardamom and nutmeg from India; Moroccan coriander; orange peel of Mexico; Licorice China; cinnamon from Sri Lanka; Cinnamon Flower Indochina; cumin Germany; Lilies Italy, Mediterranean and fennel, among others. The four distillations and all these ingredients make the Citadelle gin has a unique, complex but very balanced flavor, resulting soft palate. This is a great companion for a good tonic, such as fever-tree and boylan.

Posted on at 10.12

4 /5





The English gin is produced by grinding mixture of high alcohol whiskey or alcoholic mixes such that lose aroma and flavor. These are then reduced with water and placed in containers of flavoring agents. Then, the mixture is again distilled. To the resulting gin gets reduced to having an alcohol content that goes between 40C and 47C depending on the market for which it is produced.
The herbs used to flavor gin in England and America are strawberries; preferably those produced in Germany and Italy; more than any other flavoring in the smaller proportion; orris, angelica and licorice; almonds, coriander, caraway, cardamom, anise, lemon peel, orange, etc..
As always, the secret of each producer is the herbal combination brings to distillation to perfume it, so we all have developed their own formulas that secretly stored. Current Gin is a spirit produced by distilling grains such as malted barley, maize and duly rectified and flavored with juniper berries rye. Both taste and smell are obtained by distillation

Posted on at 18.42

3.5 /5

Gin Citadelle: Ginebra sutil y especiada

The nose I find something less aromatic than other gins such as the G'Vine, but that does not mean it's not interesting to enjoy taking it alone or with gin.
It has a very subtle and spicy nose, we find nutmeg, cardamom, sour notes also remind me of the cilantro and citrus notes.
I like a gin drink accompanied by citrus fruits.
A shot glass full of ice, remove leftover ice, orange peel and grapefruit (they accentuate the aromas of gin), the gin and tonic served schweeps carefully helping a stranded spoon.
What fresquita!

Posted on at 15.26

4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Gin Citadelle :
- Color: Crystal.
- Flavour: elegant aroma, balanced, wilted flowers, citrus notes of juniper.
- Taste: Tasty, balanced, elegant mouth.

PRODUCER: Maison Ferrand.
COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: 4 distillations totalemente artisanal way.

Posted on at 13.58

4 /5

- Colour: transparent.
- Flavour: violet, sweet orange, coriander, floral glow.
- Taste: glossy finish, a sweet touch, strongly aromatic.

PRODUCER: Cognac Ferrand

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