Gin Bols Jenever Jonge Graan 1L

1L Volume

Gin Bols Jenever Jonge Graan 1L

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Lucas Bols
Volume: 100cl
Country: Netherlands
Type Of Gin: Jenever
The Gin Bols Jenever Jonge Graan 1L (£32.37) is a Jenever made by Lucas Bols with roots in Netherlands.

Description of Gin Bols Jenever Jonge Graan 1L

Gin Bols Jenever Jonge Graan 1L

Brand: Lucas Bols

Category: Gin

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The Producer

Lucas Bols

Lucas Bols

Lucas Bols returned into Dutch hands and to Amsterdam in April 2006. The company became independent in 2006 by means of a buy out by the management and AAC Capital Partners. Huub van Doorne, former member of the Board of Directors of Rémy Cointreau and now CEO of Lucas Bols, has brought the oldest distillery back to its roots: Amsterdam. In more than 110 countries Bols is known for its liqueurs, gin, genever and vodka. Lucas Bols has the largest cocktail database in the world with 18,000 online recipes. From the 60 classic cocktails in existence, most of them are made with Bols. Lucas Bols is co-founder of The International Bartender Association and founder of The Bols Bartending Academy.

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4 /5

Jonge Bols Genever Gin Graanes is one of the best young Dutch Jenever twice distilled from 100% pure grain. Fourteen ingredients such as angelica root, anise, ginger root, apricot nuts, seeds learwyt then infuse for flavoring.
Jonge Bols Genever Gin Graanes is a malt liquor flavored with juniper and national and traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium. It was introduced in the Netherlands in the 16th century and from which the current gin was developed.
Geneva Bols Jonge Jenever Graan consumed in a shot glass, or, as is preferred in Holland a tulip glass, Bols Jonge cold better appreciated.

View: In view comes with a bright mahogany color.
Nose: presents aromas of caramel, vanilla and licorice.
Palate: The palate is presented with a chocolate flavor with floral notes.
Alcohol Bols Genever Geneva Jonge Graan: 35 degrees
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4 /5

Nose Color white crystalline
smelling juniper, chamomile, grapefruit and a touch of jungle mother Boca
soft and neutral taste
Citrus acidity gives it a very refreshing mouth.
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