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Their secret is a completely unknown one that includes 11 botanical items, some of which come from India and were discovered by Portuguese sailors in 1498. BIG BOSS appeared after more than one year research and development of a unique formula. The botanical items uses, including the juniper, angelica root and cardamom, are subjected to 4 individual distillations carried out through traditional methods, which preserves the high quality level that Costa Neto always seeks to obtain, so they get a special drink with a distinctive purity, a smooth aroma and a unique freshness. It is the first gin produced by Cuevas Neto Costa. It is a gin that has been internationally awarded with the Silver Medal at the Monde Selection contest, at Bruxelles -Belgique in 1985.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Big Boss
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Portugal

Description of Gin Big Boss

Gin Big Boss


  • Color: clear and pure.
  • Flavour: juniper, cardamom and spices.
  • Palate: Suave unique aroma and freshness.

PRODUCER: Big Boss, Costa Neto. Costa Neto brand in Calvaria de Cima Portugal has already 1,031 in the market and now has the honor to present a big boss premium gin in the new generation. This gin has, as its history dates back its origin in the Portuguese beyond the Portuguese navigators. Big Boss is sold individually or in a beautiful gift packaging, usually with the big pink boss.

COUNTRY: Portugal

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The secret of its production is strictly gehütet- Gin contains 11 botanical ingredients, some of which are from India and were discovered in 1498 by Portuguese sailors and brought. Big Boss has emerged after more than a year of research and development in the only recipe. Botanicals include juniper, angelica root and cardamom. Four times each distilled in the traditional way. This is a process that ensures high quality Costa Neto company always strives for its gin. Therefore, a special drink of unmistakable purity has emerged and is the first gin Costa Neto, in the competition Monde Selection in Brussels in 1985 won a silver medal.


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