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Generous Gin is amazing, it's an explosion of aromas. The notes blend perfectly with the bitterness and plant notes of the tonic. Traditionally developed with a copper still and natural citrus and flower extracts, the Generous Gin is hoisted to the most consumed gins. In addition, the bottle is a jewel that is produced and bottled in France, elegant and refined. Have you already tried it?

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Ôdevie Sas
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 44%
Country: France

Description of Generous Gin

Generous Gin


  • Colour: Generous Gin is clear and bright.
  • Aroma: Delicately floral with wafts of elderflower and jasmine and a note of pine.
  • Taste: Fresh yet rich, predominantly floral but with citrus and lavender notes and a flourish of spiciness to the soft, complex finish.

PRODUCER: Generous Gin by Ôdevie Sas of Paris, a young and dynamic producer of innovative gin and rum products.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The ornate bottle contains a beautiful gin crafted with care and a desire to create a perfect balance out of the best that nature has to offer. The freshest possible ingredients combined with attentive distillation using small pot stills results in a truly tasty and easy-drinking gin. Generous Gin is a blend of four London dry gins, three French in origin and one Spanish. The botanicals used include elderflower, jasmine, juniper, mandarin, and red peppercorns, some produced through distillation and others via maceration. Generous Gin has won many awards since its introduction, including a number at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Try it in a simple but refreshing and elegant aperitif by adding it to prosecco with a sprig of fresh rosemary, served in a tall, preferably patterned, stemmed glass. You can name this yourself and pretend that you invented it.


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2018: Silver Medal (Gin & Tonic, Generous Gin Original) - International Wine and Spirit Competition2018: Silver Medal (Gin, Generous Gin Original) - International Wine and Spirit Competition2017: Gold Medal (Gin) - Best Spirits Awards Hong Kong2016: Silver Medal (Gin, Generous Gin Original) - International Wine and Spirit Competition2016: Bronze Medal (Gin, Generous Gin Original) - International Wine and Spirit Competition2015: Gold Medal (Best Gin) - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

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4 /5

Generous Geneva is a fresh and aromatic distillation based on the original harmony of the flavor of citrus, juniper and jasmine. The exact recipe is a secret, but we can see from its botanical beans red pepper, jasmine and elderflower which give gin its spicy and floral accents along with citrus and juniper.
Created by the French company Odevie Creative Spirits, Generous Gin was launched in 2015 in Bordeaux, and his distillery is located in the small village of la Rochefoucauld, in the region of Cognac.
Generous Geneva is ideal combined with tonics are flavored, ice and lemon slices.

View: In view comes with a transparent color.
Nose: citrus aromas that are in perfect harmony with spicy, floral accents and a crisp presence of berries and juniper.
Mouth: smooth and oily taste, pepper and juniper berries and citrus, a light and a long finish
Generous Geneva Alcohol: 44 degrees
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4 /5

In its superb bottle white opaque glass screen printed resembling a shaker, the French Gin Generous Gin is resolutely turned towards the new generation of gins gins fruity, floral and very fresh. Generous Gin is an assembly of five ingredients red pepper, lemon and citrus mainly mandarin, juniper berries, jasmine and flower sureau.Le first nose offers beautiful floral notes, citrus notes, the scent of elderflower and red pepper then take relay. the second nose after aeration leaves dawning what is less usual, jasmine ... the mouth is soft and fat, pepper and juniper berries are hand and citrus are necessary in the light and final longue.Décidement Generous Gin is a great success, to discover in a glass pool with lots of crushed ice, lemon and basil leaf! Cheers!
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