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Fifty Pounds


Fifty Pounds

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The Fifty Pounds was launched in 2010 and quickly became a reference among London Dry Gins. The recipe comprises 11 botanicals, eight of which are known: juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, grains of paradise, orange rind, lemon and a special mention for savoury whose popularity is steadily growing in the London gin scene. The last three ingredients remain secret.

The Fifty Pounds 's bottle design also deserves an explanation. Indeed, they are a tribute to the first gin bottles produced back to the 18th century. Moreover, each one of them as a unique batch number which guarantees a unique bottle for a unique experience.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Thames Distillers
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 43.5%
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Description of Fifty Pounds

Fifty Pounds


  • Colour: Fifty Pounds is crystal clear.
  • Aroma: A classic and crisp gin bouquet of juniper and coriander, with notes of zesty citrus and woody spice.
  • Taste: Clean, balanced, complex, and smooth. Juniper with biscuit undertones is followed by notes of lemon sorbet, leading into earthy sage, pine, and spice. A lengthy and fresh finish has hints of both heat and violets.

PRODUCER: Thames Distillers, founded in London in 1996 by Charles Maxwell, an eighth generation Gin maker. The company has devised hundreds of gins, from small-scale expressions for particular bars to large international brands.

COUNTRY: England

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Fifty Pounds is an homage to the rich gin history of London, from the wonderful and distinctive bottle to the award-winning contents. Crafted at a small, celebrated distillery with a long history and a gorgeous still manufactured by the legendary John Dore & Co Limited. The grain spirit is distilled four times before use for optimum purity. Angelica root from Western Europe. Coriander seeds from the Middle East. Grains of Paradise from the Gulf of Guinea. Juniper berries from Croatia. Liquorice powder from Italy. Orange and lemon peels from Spain. Savoury from France. These eight are known; three further botanicals remain a secret. Distilled in small batches, then triple-filtered for perfect smoothness, Fifty Pounds contains no added flavouring or colouring. The distiller selects only the ‘heart' of the distillate, in which taste and alcohol content are maximised. Each bottle displays an individual batch number and the year of distillation.

ALCOHOL: 43.5%

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2014 - Double Gold Medal: The Fifty Best Awards2013 - Double Gold Medal: San Francisco World Spirits Competition2014 - Silver Medal: San Francisco World Spirits Competition2010 - Silver Medal: San Francisco World Spirits Competition2010 - Silver Medal: International Spirit Challenge2010 - Bronze Medal: International Wine & Spirit Competition

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Excellent gin had this a few times now. One of my favorites
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Fifty Pounds

4 /5

- A strikingly smooth, small-batch English distilled classic London Dry gin.
- Fifty Pounds Gin is produced by a highly respected, family-owned distillery located in the south-west of London, with a tradition of more than two centuries behind it. It is made in a legendary John Dore still where the finest, four times distilled neutral grain spirit is combined with the perfect balance of botanicals which are sourced from all over the world. Made in batches of around 1000 bottles at a time and bottled at 43.5% abv, Fifty Pounds is the quintessential London Dry gin and makes a hell of a Gin & Tonic served with Fevertree tonic and a zest of lemon.
- Nose: Very classical with lemon, lime and piney juniper dominant.
- Palate: Silky smooth, crisp and fresh with a tickle of pepper on the mid-palate.
- Finish: Long and fresh with floral notes balancing the spice.
- The name comes from the 'Gin Act of 1736', which was brought about by George II to curb the social degradation caused by the excessive production and consumption of 'gin', which had been encouraged by William of Orange, the previous monarch. The Gin Act of 1736 taxed gin at 20 shillings per gallon and made selling gin without a 50 pound annual license illegal. Fifty pounds Gin therefore takes its name from this act to show it's classical London Dry style and heritage.
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4 /5

S hortly after the Gin Act 1736 a family of independent London Distillers came up with an original gin recipe, known ironically amongst themselves as ‘Fifty Pounds’ in honour of the Gin Act levy, which was characterised by its particular smoothness and flavour.
The recipe remained hidden for generations, until the descendants of those pioneering master distillers rescued it from oblivion and re-discovered its extraordinary qualities.
The specialist traditional methods employed in the creation of this superior gin means that production is limited, obtaining approximately one thousand bottles from each batch.
Each bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin is presented in an exclusive bottle, with a design inspired by the first gin bottles, known as case gin. Each bottle bears the individual distillation batch number, together with the year that it was distilled.
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Fifty Pounds Dry Gin

5 /5

Exceptionally smooth gin fantastic value
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Gin Fifty Pounds

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