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Fatty's Organic Gin


Fatty's Organic Gin

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Everything about Fatty's Organic Gin is 100% organic - even the ink on the label. By making every element of their spirits traceable and doing without chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, or other artificial ingredients, Fatty's ensures their gin production has minimal negative impact on the environment. This even applies to the bottles, which are sprayed with organic ink, screen printed at low temperatures, and sealed with wax by hand.

Accredited by The Soil Association, the most stringent and trusted organic standard in the World, Fatty's is one of the best organically produced gins in the UK.

Not only are Fatty's gins organic, where possible, all their botanicals are Fair Trade, meaning a fair price is paid to the farmers who harvest the crops used in their delicious, ethical spirits. Made in small batches of 100 bottles per run in south London, Fatty's award-winning spirits are also vegan-friendly, sustainable, and a real treat for the artisan spirits drinker.

Enjoy Fatty's organic gin with a light tonic and a wedge of cucumber; organic of course! Or if you're feeling creative, why not mix a Cucumber & Dill Gin Mojito? Delicious!

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Fattys Organic Spirits
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: England
Type Of Gin: London Dry
Vegan Wine: Yes

Description of Fatty's Organic Gin

Fatty's Organic Gin

TASTING NOTES: Herbaceous nose, with dill and citrus coming through. The dill creates a soft full-flavoured explosion landing on the palate. 100% organic, it is incredibly clean and light, allowing the dill and juniper to immediately shine through. Crisp and refreshing finish.

PRODUCER: The Dulwich Spirits Company.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom.


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Reviews of Fatty's Organic Gin


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4 /5

- A classic London Dry Gin, with an unashamedly refreshing outlook.
- Inspired by her home town of Dulwich, Fatty explored dill as a key botanical ~ Dulwich means 'the meadow where dill grows'.
- The subtle flavours that dill adds, creates a unique London Dry Gin, which is incredibly light on the palate.
- Fatty's Organic Gin creates a soft, full flavoured explosion landing on the front of the palate, before slowly melting away to leave a crisp, refreshing finish.
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