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Bulldog Gin Company delivers the Bulldog (£22.50), a London Dry with roots in England with an alcohol content of 40% being viewed with peñín: 94.
You will like to know that...

Launched in 2007, BULLDOG Gin was conceived with a new attitude and approach to the traditionally conservative world of super-premium gin.

BULLDOG London Dry Gin is not your grandfather's gin. BULLDOG Gin is a multi-award winning, super-premium gin handcrafted at an English distillery that has been making the highest quality gin for over 250 years. The exotic botanicals and high quality ingredients combined with the quadruple distillation process allow our product to defy convention with a balanced flavour and crisp finish.

BULLDOG is vegan-friendly and certified Kosher.

Technical sheet · Bulldog

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bulldog Gin Company
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1.75L, 350ml and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: England
Number Of Distillations: 4 Distillation
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Description · Bulldog Gin Company



  • Colour: Crystal clear
  • Odour: Perfumed with notes of juniper, hazelnuts, citrus notes and other aromatics.
  • Taste: Notes of poppy and dragon eye.

Alcohol: 40%

COUNTRY: England

Bulldog Gin Company

Launched in 2007, BULLDOG Gin was conceived with a new attitude and approach to the traditionally conservative world of super-premium gin. BULLDOG was founded by former investment banker, Anshuman Vohra; who developed his passion for gin at an early age while enjoying gin and tonics with his...

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Highlighted review about Bulldog

Posted on at 10.35


Il Gin Bulldog ha un gusto deciso.

The Bulldog Gin is perfect for cocktails like the gin and tonic gin and lemon.

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Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

- Bulldog is a super premium gin containing 12 botanicals.
- The 5 main ones are Lotus Leaves, Lavender, Liquorice, Poppy and Dragon Eye which is a cousin of the Lychee fruit and an aphrodisiac.
- It is a very smooth Gin, less dry than most Gins and has been quoted as the most mixable gin for cocktails.
- It is made in Britain with 100% British grain and is housed in an eye catching bottle.
- It is quadrupled distilled in Copper Pot Stills and tripled filtered through an 8-Micron Filter.
- Bulldog was also voted one of the top 50 spirits by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the only gin ever to make it into the top 50.

Posted on at 08.49

4.5 /5


Posted on at 17.58

3 /5

Definitely good value for money! Gin very unique and modern. Sweet and floral scents, overall very pleasant. In the mouth it is not expressed just as well as it is slightly deficient in the body and very persistent.

Posted on at 17.52

4.5 /5

Gin Bulldog

Great to use for all dry Gin cocktails

Posted on at 04.55

4 /5

Gin Bulldog

Is an English Bulldog gin four distillations in which the protagonist is the juniper. Quadruple distilled using traditional copper stills and triple filter, which results in an ultra-refined gin you can have alone, accompanied only with ice, to appreciate its smooth finish.
In mouth Bulldog Gin offers many very nice floral notes and citrus fruit. Surprise seamless integration of juniper, which is not hidden in the symphony of flavors it offers. In the following notes appear sipping lychee and lavender

Posted on at 04.36

4 /5

Gin Bulldog




The English gin is produced by grinding mixture of high alcohol whiskey or alcoholic mixes such that lose aroma and flavor. These are then reduced with water and placed in containers of flavoring agents. Then, the mixture is again distilled. To the resulting gin gets reduced to having an alcohol content that goes between 40C and 47C depending on the market for which it is produced.
The herbs used to flavor gin in England and America are strawberries; preferably those produced in Germany and Italy; more than any other flavoring in the smaller proportion; orris, angelica and licorice; almonds, coriander, caraway, cardamom, anise, lemon peel, orange, etc..
As always, the secret of each producer is the herbal combination brings to distillation to perfume it, so we all have developed their own formulas that secretly stored. Current Gin is a spirit produced by distilling grains such as malted barley, maize and duly rectified and flavored with juniper berries rye. Both taste and smell are obtained by distillation

Posted on at 19.56

3.5 /5

Probando Gin's

After tasting white wine and rice with lobster, we continue with the glasses.
Soon as I am fond of gin was not convinced to try it but to my luck, I was right!
Name and attractive bottle with tonic and lime was Lovely.
Please note for future purchases!

Posted on at 17.07

3.5 /5

Gin Bulldog: una ginebra vigorizante

A London Dry Gin, born in 2006 with a modern look and shocking to enter the field of premium gins name.
Exotic ingredients among the 12 that compose, lotus leaves, poppy and dragon eye (said to increase sexual stamina and gives vitality to the heart).
To my tonic: the glass ball serve with ice to stop (to fill the glass), with the help of the shaker spoon stir the ice crystals to cool the glass and remove the water that has been released.
This time I select a slice of grapefruit, orange and other other lemon, and place them around the perimeter of the glass.
Time to take gin (short story 1001, 1002 and 1003) from a certain height in order to be oxygenated and pouring it in a circle on the glass to come into contact with the fruit.
And finally, aided by a spiral spoon, add the tonic, very slowly. This time I choose the Qtonic, with a light carbon that do not influence the texture of the gin. Riquísimo!
In short, an invigorating gin

Posted on at 06.20

3 /5

It's awesome

Posted on at 12.41

4 /5

Named after Winston Churchill, Bulldog is a gin full of character. It is floral on the nose, piney on the tongue and peppery in the finish. A superb gin for using with mixers, especially in a G&T.
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