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Bottega Gin Bacûr 50cl


£23.86 (Approximate price)

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The Gin Bacûr made by Bottega is an Italian product from the region of Veneto on the foot of the Alps. Its recipe is based on botanicals such as juniper, myrtle, sage and lemon zest. This Dry Gin comes in a unique metallic copper bottle and shows great versatility for a wide range of cocktails.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bottega
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
1L, 70cl and 40ml
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Italy
Type Of Gin: London Dry

Elaboration of Bottega Gin Bacûr 50cl

Bottega Gin Bacûr 50cl


  • Color: The Bottega Gin Bacûr 50cl is colorless crystalline.
  • Flavour: Intense flavor of juniper, accompanied by notes of citrus peel and sage.
  • Taste: Smooth and balanced. In the end, it leaves a pleasant aromatic sensuality in the mouth.

PRODUCER: Bottega Spa. The distillery was founded in the 17th century, when Andrea Bottega began cultivating vines in the hills near the Molinetto della Croda Refrontolo. Their spirits and liqueurs quickly appreciated worldwide. In 2007, the distillery after Bibano di Godega di Sant'Urbano, 50 km away from Venice in the short Conegliano Veneto. Today they have 10 hectares of vineyards that have been renovated according to the latest environmental standards. Wines and spirits Bottega received more than 280 awards and honors worldwide. In addition, there are products tax free and airlines in 132 countries stores.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The Bottega Gin Bacûr 50cl occurs at the foot of the Alps. Here various products are used herbal quality. Locally grown juniper provides an ideal for other scents that can act freely base. Lemon peel provides fresh citrus notes, while sage and myrtle salty and spicy elements provide nuances. The plants are macerated long in a solution of water and alcohol before a double distillation is carried out to remove any residues in the liquid. This gives a strong Gin, complex and very aromatic. This unique product is limited to 24,000 bottles.


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The Producer



Bottega has a history of four centuries in the wonderful world of wine and grappa.

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Rosina Zambon was a strong-willed and enterprising lady, she was born in Arborea in Sardinia, the daughter of Venetian immigrants who had settled on the island in the 1930's following the land reclamation projects of the Facist era. In the 1960's, the family returned to the Veneto region and Rosina started to work for a distillery in the Conegliano area. Here she met Aldo Bottega who became her husband. Together with a business partner, in 1967 they started their entrepreneurial adventure by taking over Distilleria Sartor. Ten years later, in 1977, they founded Distilleria Bottega, giving their name to a business that absorbed them both completely.

In 1983 after the premature death of her husband, Rosina found herself at a crossroads, but she did not lose heart. With courage and hard work, together with her 19-year-old son Sandro, she decided to keep on down the same road, albeit littered with difficulties. Very soon, her younger children Barbara and Stefano also became an integral part of what at the time was a small, family-run firm. All of them together, over the years, have contributed to the firm's constant and progressive growth, transforming Distilleria Bottega into a sturdy business of outstanding quality and innovation.

With the Alexander and Bottega brands, Rosina Zambon Bottega, known to most as Rosy, helped introduce grappa to variouscelebrities around the world to help build trends and influence consumer habits. This has worked very well for the business and their products are now known globally for their distinctive presentation and top reputation.
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Gin Bacûr 50cl

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