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The flat-sided, sapphire-blue bottle that the world has come to know as love as Bombay Sapphire 1.75L has only been around since 1986. The recipe for this world-famous gin was inspired by the secret recipe for Bombay Original, which can trace its roots all the way back to 1761.

To the juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, almonds, lemon peel, cassia bark, orris root, and liquorice that are in the original recipe are added grains of paradise and cubeb berries. These additions help the already delicious original recipe go to the next level, crafting a gin that continues to win over palates even today. It helps that Bombay chooses to vapour infuse all of its botanicals into the neutral base spirit. Many producers choose to boil their botanicals, but Bombay believes that vapour infusion leads to a more delicate final product.

Even though the bottle is blue, the gin within is not. This remarkable product is a beautiful premium gin that sets itself apart from the rest thanks to its innovative botanical list and its steam infusion method. The flavour profile of this much-loved product allows it to get along well with any number of flavours, including fruit. With its reasonable price, there is no reason not to have a bottle of Bombay Sapphire 1.75L on the ready for when the need for gin arises.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bombay Spirits Co.
Volume: 175cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: England

Description of Bombay Sapphire 1.75L

Bombay Sapphire 1.75L


  • Color: translucent color with silver sparkles.
  • Flavour: Aromatic notes of juniper berries with hints of citrus fruits, spices and herbs.
  • Taste: dry and elegant taste with a marked juniper, orange, lime, pepper and other herbs flavor.

PRODUCER: Bombay Sapphire.

COUNTRY: England.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The great london gin Bombay Sapphire is made from the distillation of juniper berries with 10 other assorted botanical seeking the highest quality in each drop. The distillation is done in vertical stainless steel stills at high temperatures. After distillation, the product passes through a series of filtering processes to ensure purity. This gin can be eaten alone or combined with other liquors, syrups or juices to produce very creative cocktails author. It is recommended to consume at cold temperature.


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The Producer

Bombay Spirits Co.

Bombay Spirits Co.

The story of Bombay Spirits Co. reads itself like a travel journal, running down from "the vibrant souks in Marrakesh to the vastness of the Sahara desert", where the company seeks out the coriander seeds. From Marrocco over West Africa we pass on the Indonesian island, Java, where Bombay Spirits Co searches for the grains of paradise, finally arriving in Indo-China.

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4 /5

Bombay Sapphire gin is one of the gins premium most popular market, because none of its 10 botanicals stands out especially (juniper, almonds, beans paradise, lemon peel, licorice, orris root, angelica, coriander, berries cassia and cubeba) making it perfect for any cocktail Geneva and to prepare a gin and tonic balanced and perfect for every palate.
Bombay Sapphire gin was launched in 1987 and 1761 data recipe is distilled in Cheshire, England. The name comes from the popularity of gin in India at the time of British colonization. The bottle is blue with engravings on the sides and a shield that refers to Queen Victoria of England botanists.
Bombay Sapphire Gin marida great with a classic Gin Tonic, we can add a few seeds of pepper.

View: In view comes with a clean and bright color.
Nose: hints of spice, which represents the spirit of this gin reminding India.
Palate: ripe touch of juniper and citrus, it is exceptionally smooth making it perfect for mixing a Gin Tonic.
ALCOHOLIC Geneva Bombay Sapphire: 40 degrees
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4 /5

Alcohol: 40
Country: United Kingdom
Contents: 1, 75 l
Produced in small quantities entirely at the
Bombay Sapphire distillery in Laverstoke Mill in
Hampshire, England, master distiller Nikolas
Fordham was inspired when the stills Dakin
It was safely housed inside the mill in
2014 and looked at them craft the spirit of Mumbai,
Once again. Fordham has wanted to open a
new chapter in the history of the brand and create a
new expression of style gin signature, but with a
distinctive, its intriguing character. He worked
Ivano Tonutti, plant teacher for Mumbai
Sapphire, searching the world for new products
plant that could play in harmony with
the original recipe in 1761 the brand.
The recipe for the Star of Bombay begins with
ten plants that are at the heart of all the gin
Bombay Sapphire: juniper, coriander, peel
lemon, orris root, angelica, almond, licorice,
cassia bark, fruits and grains cubeb woods
of paradise. It is then elevated with the addition
of two new plants; gently dried
bergamot peel, from the mountains
of Calabria in southern Italy, and ambrette seed
wonderfully aromatic, from
Ecuador in South America.
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4 /5

Of course, silver
A touch of juniper, ripe citrus and hints of spice
Soft and allows botanists to go opening them one by one and mingling with some juniper in front of the most wonderful way
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