Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L


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As early as 1826, the Bookma family created the unique Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L in Frisian, the capital of the Leeuwarden region. For this product, vegetable substances such as juniper berries, coriander, peppercorns, angelica root and liquorice are used.

But what is Genever? It is a juniper schnapps of Dutch or Belgian origin with an alcohol content of at least 35% and can be seen as a precursor of the gin so well known today. The name derives from the Dutch (jeneverbes) or French (genévrier or genièvre) term for juniper.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Bokma Distillery
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Netherlands
Type Of Gin: Jenever

Description of Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L

Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L


  • Colour: Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L is crystal clear in appearance.
  • Aroma: A complex nose with subtle notes of crispy bacon, delicate spices, and wet stone.
  • Taste: A gently oily mouthfeel with flavours of cinnamon, clove, juniper, hazelnut, and pear, and a lingering finish.

PRODUCER: Bokma has been producing Genever, a full-bodied malty spirit with earthy and nutty qualities, since 1826.

COUNTRY: Netherlands

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Jenever is a forerunner of today's wildly popular gin. Also known as Genever, Genevieve, and Old Dutch gin, it is, ironically, finding a new global popularity by riding on the coattails of its trendy grandchild. Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L is, as its name might suggest, a ‘young' variety of the tipple, meaning it contains less sugar and has a more neutral taste than its older brother ‘oude', and making it closer in profile to a dry gin or vodka. It must not contain more than 15% malt wine to be considered ‘jonge'; the distinction between young and old is not by reference to ageing but to techniques of distillation. Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L was introduced in 1966 and is distilled entirely from grain, with the addition of botanicals including angelica, coriander, juniper berries, liquorice, and peppercorns. You can enjoy Bokma Jonge Jenever 1L straight up, but it is versatile and works very well in cocktails, such as The Martinez, a tasty spin on a Manhattan.


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The Bokma brand is synonymous for genever. Bokma is therefore by far the best-known brand of genever. As early as around 1890, square bottles of Bokma (old) genever were sold in wine shops and poured in pubs.
In 1966, Piet Bokma introduced Bokma Jonge Graanjenever and he can therefore be considered the creator of grain genevers. As a Frisian brand, Bokma stands for bold and powerful, pure and clean: values reflected in the authentic packaging. Bokma is the Genever distiller, and its latest addition is the absolute top Genever known as Bokma De Vijf Jaren. This special product has matured in oak vats for five years.
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Bokma Jonge Jenever 1 1L

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