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United States

Bluecoat Gin


Bluecoat Gin

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Bluecoat Gin was launched in May 2006, just six months after Philadelphia Distilling opened in Pennsylvania, USA. In doing so, Philadelphia Distilling became the first Pennsylvanian craft distillery to open since the Prohibition era. To create their line of premium spirits, Philadelphia Distilling is proud to take advantage of modern techniques combined with sheer craftsmanship.

Made one batch at a time with 100% certified organic botanicals, Bluecoat Gin is named after the American soldiers of the Revolutionary War. Thanks to the colour of their uniforms, they became known as the Bluecoats. It is their revolutionary spirit that this gin celebrates. To make it, a high proof neutral grain spirit is macerated with botanicals before distillation. They are able to use hand-hammered copper stills and wooden fermentation vessels to craft their spirits.

While the botanical mix for this gin remains a secret that the makers keep to themselves, it can be said that it is a smooth dry gin with wonderful citrus and juniper flavours. This All American gin is best served with a slice of orange rather than the more common lime to bring out its citrus notes. You can try pairing it with cheese to let the flavours play off one another.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Philadelphia Distilling
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 47%
Country: United States

Description of Bluecoat Gin

Bluecoat Gin


  • Color: transparent and clear sight.
  • Flavour: sweet and refreshing scents give way to soft and earthy notes of juniper.
  • Taste: The palate is fresh and citric, the body is intensely sweet with a complexity of flavors that, finally, show sweet and salty at the same time.

PRODUCER: The first distillery since Prohibition in Pennsylvania, recently it changed its headquarters and moved in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. Offers distillery, plus a high-quality gin, also several other services like tasting room, catering, direct sales and event space.

COUNTRY: United States.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Made with 100% organic, this gin named uniform used by armed militias during the American Revolution. The recipe is a secret, what is known is that is distilled in a copper still, personalized and handmade by master distiller-Robert J. Cassell, combining, therefore, innovation and tradition. The distillation process involves slow heating, which lasts 10 hours, in order to select only the most pure and aromatic parts. Gin is distilled 5 times and then diluted with filtered water three times before bottling. This artisan Gin is particularly suitable for preparing the cocktails and combined.


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Mi piace molto.ottimo gin
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Bluecoat Gin

4 /5

- Bluecoat Gin is named after the blue uniforms worn by the American militia during the revolution, crating an ultre-premium look and feel.
- Said to be made in the 'American Style', it's citrusy flavour profile and 'boldish' juniper notes has made this premium gin very sought after.
- Smooth in body with refreshing sweet aromatics, a long, luscious finish, and one that must be tried by all gin lovers to be appreciated.
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Bluecoat American Dry Gin

4 /5

Gin blue coat Gin 70cl 47º - Gin Super Premium - USA - 47º -70cl - gin vieilli 3 mois en fût américain

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3 /5

Un gin al estilo americano, muy aromático y suave, perfecto para tomarlo sólo.
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Gin Bluecoat