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Blue Gin Vintage

Blue Gin Handels (Gin)

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The Reisetbauer Distillery is located on a hill at the entrance to the idyllic Axberg. Twenty-five years ago, Hans Reisetbauer and his wife Elfriede established themselves with only one and a half hectare of fruit fields. Over the years they managed to increase their hectares to five. Hans carefully tended his fields, keeping the precious trees that rewarded him with sublime fruits used in his brandy.

Technical sheet · Blue Gin Vintage

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Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Blue Gin Handels
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Austria

Description · Blue Gin Handels

Blue Gin Vintage


  • Color: crystalline and transparent.
  • Smell: aroma of the various botanical products.
  • Taste: classic taste, with a slight predominance of juniper.

MANUFACTURER: Blue Gin handles.

COUNTRY: Austria.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The secret of each gin is hidden in the botanical ingredients that compose it. The quantity and type of essences, in fact, determine the color, aromas and flavor of the distillate. Blue Gin Vintage would not be different from the others, except that there are 27 herbs, flowers, roots and berries that compose it! Probably a world record, but that's not all. The preparation is limited to small batches that are processed between February and May. With the depletion of raw materials, production also ends and it is necessary to wait a whole year to obtain the new one. This, on the other hand, is the method that Hans Reisertbauer distillery has adopted since its foundation: limited quantities of unmatched brandy.The distillate is produced with fermented malted wheat twice, in which the essences that come from the four corners of the world, such as China and Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam rest, to name a few. Once the essences are mixed, releasing their aromas , we proceed to a third and final distillation, all in a traditional copper still. Thus was born the Blue Gin, a truly unique Vintage Dry.


Blue Gin Handels

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Highlighted review about Blue Gin Vintage

Vinos Baco

Posted on at 04.07


Blue Gin Vintage

- Tasting notes: It is clear, transparent, very aromatic, spicy and floral, with a strong flavor, balanced predominance of juniper and citrus. Although gin is called Blue is not blue, but clear and transparent.
- DETAILS OF PROCESSING: Obtained by traditional batch distillation triple, two of wheat grain and a third with botanical infused. Distillation is once a year, between February and May, with a limited edition, depending on the crops botanists, so indicated on the bottle vintage. The water used is of exceptional purity because it comes from a country located north formed in the Tertiary alpine spring.
Botanists used are unknown, making a total of twenty-seven and collected in many different places
- PAIRING: Can be served with orange peel, lemon peel, nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves.

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Posted on at 14.12

4 /5

Fresh, elegant, light aromas with lime, lemon. Transparent as crystal, alive.

Posted on at 15.23

4 /5

Fresh, elegant, light aromas with lime, lemon. Transparent as crystal, alive.
Charles Walcott

Posted on at 11.11

4 /5

- View: Blue Gin Vintage is transparent.
- Nose: Very aromatic.
- Mouth: botanicals used are unknown, making a total of twenty-seven and picked up in many different places. The final product is crisp, clear, low aromatic, spicy and floral, with strong flavour, balanced with a predominance of juniper and citrus. Although gin is called Blue, not blue, but clear and transparent.

COUNTRY: Austria
ALCOHOL: 43% Vol
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