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Passoã liqueur, in its unique, black bottle, was first created in 1986. The year before, in 1985, the master distiller for the Cointreau brand travelled to Brazil to search for new and exciting ingredients. He had a recipe in mind and needed the perfect flavours to make it shine. It was during this trip that he discovered passion fruit for the first time. So, he went back to France with this new, distinctive fruit in hand and used it as the inspiration for the ever-refreshing Passoã.

This passion fruit-flavoured liqueur is a beautifully bright red liquid, which is set off nicely by the stark black bottle. It has a low alcohol content of just 17% alcohol per volume. That makes this the perfect ingredient to add flavour and colour to a drink without weighing it down with too much alcohol.

The gorgeous flavour of freshly-picked passion fruit has been winning over consumers for more than 30 years and will continue to do so into the future. The intense flavour of Passoã is now a necessary ingredient in a collection of delightful cocktails. Add a bit of passion to your next drink with Passoã. Its exotic flavour is the perfect pairing for a number of juices and mixers.

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Technical sheet

Category:Fruit liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Remy Cointreau
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 17%
Country: France

Description of Passoã



  • Color: Passoã has a single bright red, intense and warm.
  • Smell: Subtle and powerful, with the right amount of liquor that allows persivir all flavors.
  • Taste: A balance of sweet, sour and bitter liqueur made from Passoã subtle and particularly refreshing. Fruity tang. Intense aromas and persistent.

PRODUCER: Remy Cointreau


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Passoã organoleptic characteristics make it an amazing liqueur great for any type of beverage. It combines well with any fruit juice and is also a perfect base for cocktails, appreciated by all professional bartenders.


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The Producer

Remy Cointreau

Remy Cointreau

Rémy Cointreau is a French company which is based in Paris. The Rémy Cointreau Group is in charge of a varied portfolio of excellent spirits, all of which offer their customers glimpses into the unique heritage and culture of their products.

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one of the best drinks you can get, mix it with a bit of lemonade :)
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4 /5

- Passoa ia a liqueur of exotic passion fruits. Its delicious taste is enjoyed the world over, being the no 1 liqueur in Puerto Rico, no 2 in Holland and no3 in Belgium.
- The Passion fruit was first discovered in South America, during the colonisation by Spanish missionaries in the 1500s.
- They first noticed the amazing flowers of the fruit in the jungle. Nobody knows exactly why it became known as the Passion fruit. Was it because the crown-like flower reminded people of the thornbush of Christ's Passion - Or because of its supposed qualities as an aphrodisiac?
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