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Midori 1L


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Midori is of Japanese origin, but was first released in the United States in 1978, at the legendary Studio 54 in New York during the premiere of the film Saturday Night Fever. Thanks to its versatility, Midori has achieved a true success among cocktail lovers.

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Technical sheet

Category:Fruit liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Midori
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 20%
Country: Japan

Description of Midori 1L

Midori 1L


  • Colour: Midori is the Japanese word for "green," which is an understatement for its colour. This liqueur is a bright emerald colour, similar in colour to green sodas.
  • Aroma: The primary flavouring used in this drink comes from the muskmelon. This also provides the drink with a fresh melony scent. This will smell similar to a cantaloupe or honeydew melon.
  • Taste: Just like with the vibrant scent, the primary flavour is of muskmelons. In the mouth, this beverage is refreshing and crisp.

PRODUCER: Shinjiro Torll was ispired by western liqueurs with wild flavours. When he first created the flavoured drink, in 1964, it was called Hermes Melon Liqueur. However, the name changed to Midori Melon Liqueur in 1978 and has kept that name ever since. Around the late 1970s, the drink became famous in the United States and it is sold in many countries around the world.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The Company is a bit secretive about how they make their namesake drink; however, they do give us a few clues. We know that the flavours/extract come from the Japanese muskmellow. They use two (unnamed) methods to do this. These flavours are likely mixed with a flavourless base alcohol. It tastes great when drunk on its own, mixed with neutral-flavoured alcohols, or when mixed with citrus-flavoured juices.


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SMAGSNOTER AF Midori 1L :Farve: Grøn melon.Lugt: frugtagtig aroma.Smag: Let, forfriskende og med en utrolig smag sød og frisk melon.PRODUCER: Suntory.LAND: Mexico.
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