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Mandarine Napoléon 1L


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It was the personal physician of Napoleon, Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, who came up with the idea of mixing macerated mandarins and fine cognac into a liqueur. Napoleon himself is said to have drunk this mixture often as it was one of his personal favourites. In 1892, Louis Schmidt found the physician's recipe and created Mandarine Napoléon based upon what he found. Since then, the recipe has remained a well-guarded secret.

Only made with natural ingredients, Mandarine Napoléon uses a variety of spices along with mandarins grown in Sicily and Corsica to create their complex and rich liqueur. Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and angelica give balance to the mix while green and black tea help to prevent that medicinal burn that other liqueurs can give. After distillation in a copper still, the finest aged cognac is added to the mixture along with sugar and water. Carmine, a natural colourant, is also added.

This well-known liqueur has been around for 200 years and is sold all over the world. Its fresh mandarin taste is in perfect harmony with the rich cognac which flows underneath. The hints of spice add richness. Try it on its own, like Napoleon, or in any number of cocktails to add a bit of zest to the mix.

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Technical sheet

Category:Fruit liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Mandarine Napoléon
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
50cl and 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: France

Description of Mandarine Napoléon 1L

Mandarine Napoléon 1L


  • Colour: As its name implies, this drink has a golden orange colour.
  • Aroma: On the nose, the scent of citrusy mandarin oranges dominates the scent profile. Zesty botanicals and wood spices add a layer of heat to the aroma.
  • Taste: On the tongue, this liqueur is sweet, smooth, and dry. It's most flavourful component is that of mandarin oranges, which comes off tasting like sweet marmalade. An array of botanicals from around the eastern continents, including cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and angelica, add to the flavour.

PRODUCER: Mandarine Napolean is distilled at the Distillerie de Biercee. Rumor has it that this drink was first made for Napolean himself, which is why it is named after him. The recipe was for Napolean, but we don't know exactly when. The recipe was lost for a while until 1892 when it was rediscovered by Louis Schmidt, who then started to make and sell the liqueur.

COUNTRY: Belgium

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The first step in producing this liqueur is to create mandarin orange essential oil through maceration. This is done by using alcohol to extract the scent and flavour of mandarin oranges through their peels and juice. This oil is alcoholic as well. Next, the essential oil is distilled in copper stills. Only the middle part of the distilled beverage is used. The kept distillate is mixed with aged cognac. Finally, sugar and water are added to lower the alcohol content and to sweeten the drink.


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The Producer

Mandarine Napoléon

Mandarine Napoléon is a cognac-based liqueur into which is mixed the irresistible flavour of fresh mandarin oranges along with a special selection of botanicals. The final result is a vibrant and flavourful blend that has been winning over consumers since it was first released in 1892. This blend is a direct descendant of a liqueur enjoyed by Napoleon himself, which is, of course, where it draws its name from. Available in many sizes and two different expressions, this classic spirit takes aged cognac and adds a bold blend of spices to create a drink that is fit for an emperor.

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Particularmente es un licor de mandarina que me gusta mucho y es de gran calidad.
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Mandarine Napoléon 1L

5 /5

Nada que ver con un licor y si con un cognac de mandarina. Un sabor que gustará a cuqluiera que le gusten los orujos "dulces" de graduación elevada, después de una buena comida.
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4.5 /5

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5 /5

Excellent after dinner drink
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