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Casa Macieira (Eau de vie)

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Dalma Xo 10 Years Brandy 50cl

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TASTING NOTES OF Dalma Xo 10 Year old Brandy 50cl:
- Color: bright amber.
- Flavour: Aromas are structured, rich and complex. There is the presence of wood tones with hints of vanilla. In the background you can see the chocolate and spicy aromas.
- Taste: The body is full and smooth. You can see the sweet flavors of vanilla and chocolate, with toasted and spicy tones. The finish is long and persistent, with flavors of spices.

PRODUCER: House Macieira.
COUNTRY: Portugal.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is produced by mixing the best brandies. Then, it is envegecido in barrels of French oak for 10 years. During this period, the brandy loses 3% of its alcoholic graduation each year through a slow process of evaporation. Also absorbs the various components of wood, such as its aroma and flavor.


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