Review about Aldeia Velha Old Brandy from Portugal Vineyards

Casa Macieira (Eau de vie)

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Aldeia Velha Old Brandy

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Transparent with golden hues from the wood and bright reflection. Delicately fruity, but robust, remembering not only the grapes from which it is originated, but also the wooden casks where it was aged. On the palate it is smooth, rich and well structured.
- Winemaker:
- Winemaking: The tradition of simplicity. Aldeia Velha is a genuine grape husk spirit, produced in traditional copper stills and carefully aged in American oak casks for more than 12 months.
- Grape Varieties: Distilled Wine of Portuguese Varieties.
- Food Pairing: Good as a digestif after a good meal and accompanied by a nice cigar.
- Store and Serve Advices: Serve at 18-20ºC. This wine spirit can be consumed immediately after bottling or be stored and age for many many years.

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