Aalborg Taffel Akvavit


Aalborg Taffel Akvavit

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Aquavit is a Scandinavian drink made with cumin. The Aalborg Taffel Akvavit comes from Denmark and is a classic aquavit. It has a distinct taste of mustard seed and a slight aftertaste of orange.

Danes eat herring with this drink, served with delicious fresh onions.

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Technical sheet

Category:Eau de vie (Spirits)
Producer: Aalborg
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 50cl
Alcohol Vol.: 42%
Country: Denmark

Description of Aalborg Taffel Akvavit

Aalborg Taffel Akvavit


  • View: crystal color
  • Nose: Aromas of citrus, fennel and cumin, with some notes of anise
  • Palate: strong and intense flavor, dominated by the taste of cumin. Touch of lemon, orange, black licorice and pepper.

PRODUCER: Aalborg Distillery

COUNTRY: Denmark

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The Aalborg Taffel Akvavit is a water spirits made aquavit or neutral alcohol of agricultural origin. Powered by Isidor Henius, it is designed based on potatoes and cereals and follows the method by continuous distillation column stills. Here it is flavored with herbs and spices, especially cumin or caraway, dill and citrus. The spirits then rest for several weeks in American oak barrels. From 1846 to date, their preparation remains the same, despite the years. Located in the fourth largest city in Denmark, Aalborg, the distillery is located in the northern part of the country, and more precisely in northern Jutland. Because the red label on the bottle, this vodka is nicknamed "Red Aalborg." It is the favorite brand of the Danes. In 2002, he received the best Aquavit the world on the occasion of the International Wine & Spirit Competition.


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In my opinion one of the best.
Alcohol little known to consume either high gloss (in freezer product viscosity is surprisingly) either at room temperature with smoked fish.
A share to discover rare and unique flavors!
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Aalborg Taffel Akvavit

5 /5

my Danish grand dad introduced me to this so I always think of him when I drink it
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4.5 /5

very good
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3.5 /5

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I always have a bottle in home

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