Tariquet Classic 2015

Domaine Du Tariquet (Côtes de Gascogne)

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The Tariquet Classic 2015 (£7.83) is a white wine made by Domaine Du Tariquet from Côtes de Gascogne produced with ugni blanc, sauvignon blanc, gros manseng and colombard from the 2015 vintage and shows an alcoholic strength of 11%. The Tariquet Classic 2015 is the ideal white to combine with mediterranean cuisine and seafood. At Drinks&Co, this white wine scores an average rate of 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Tariquet Classic

Type Of Wine: white wine
Vintage: 2015 Other vintages
Appellation:Côtes de Gascogne (South West,France)
Winery: Domaine Du Tariquet
Volume: 75cl Other volumes
Grapes: Colombard, Gros Manseng, Sauvignon Blanc, Ugni Blanc
Pairing: StartersRegional CuisineSeafoodMediterranean Cuisine
Allergens: Contains Sulfites
Alcohol Vol.: 11%
Consumption Temp.: 8-10ºC
Ending Year For Optimal Consumption: 2016
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Description · Domaine Du Tariquet

Tariquet Classic 2015 (Colombard, Gros Manseng, Sauvignon Blanc and Ugni Blanc)

TASTING NOTES OF Tariquet Classic 2015:

  • View: pale yellow.
  • Nose: great intensity of fruit, floral aromas, citrus and beautiful exotic nuances.
  • Mouth: tonic, crunchy, with a lot of freshness in the mouth wine.

APPELLATION: Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne.

VINEYARD: Domaine Du Tariquet

GRAPES: 45% Ugni Blanc, 35% Colombard, 10% Sauvignon, 10% Gros Manseng.

WINE PAIRING: aperitif, with cold meats, fish, crustaceans, Provencal cuisine.



Domaine Du Tariquet

Le Tariquet has been the cradle of an entire family since 1912. First of all, the home of Hélène and Pierre Grassa, who began the tradition with their love of fine Armagnac. Then, the home of their children Maïté and Yves, both fervent winemakers, who have now been joined by Yves’ sons, Armin and...

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Highlighted review about Tariquet Classic 2015

Posted on at 04.51


Tariquet Classic 2015

- View: pale and shiny.
- Nose: has a wonderful intensity of fruit, it is very open with aromas of white flowers and citrus.

There will also find notes of exotic fruits.
The Ugni Blanc 'Colombard wine is balanced and pleasant in all ideal for light appetizers and all the friendly moments.

More reviews about Tariquet Classic 2015

Posted on at 09.47

4 /5

Domaine du Tariquet
From 19th-century bear trainers to 21st-century winemakers, every family has a story to tell… Towards the end of the 19th century, rural France had a hard time feeding all its children, which lead many of those in the countryside to emigrate, in the hope of finding a better future...

This sets the scene for our story. The village of Ercé lies at the foot of the Pyrenees, in Ariège. Given their proximity to the natural habitat of mountain bears, the inhabitants were particularly skilled in the art of bear taming. Thus, young Artaud was a bear tamer by trade. With his two trusty beasts, whose names history has forgotten, he left in search of work and adventure, travelled the world, crossed the ocean, and finally settled in the United States, where he lived contentedly… Until a longing for his roots drove him to set off once again in search of somewhere to spend his old age. Returning to France in 1912, he saw the Tariquet and instantly fell in love with the area. Yet with the savings he had, he realised he could not afford to buy the property.

He therefore turned to his son, Jean Pierre, who had stayed in New York and had married Pauline, a pretty young girl, also from Ariège. Jean Pierre worked as a bartender, mixing elegant cocktails in a popular bar in town… Together, father and son bought the Tariquet wine estate. As most of the vines had been destroyed by phylloxera, all that was left were seven hectares of vineyards in a sorry state…

Every good story has an element of drama… 1914 was a terrible year, with the outbreak of World War I. Jean Pierre Artaud, a fervent patriot, returned to France to fight for his country, sustained a bayonet wound in fierce man-to-man combat and lost so much blood that he suffered from memory loss for several years. An amnesiac, he remained in hospital in France until 1922, when he finally returned to New York, where his wife Pauline had spent week after week meeting every boat that came in from Le Havre, in the hope of seeing her husband again one day. Jean Pierre was so marked by his wartime experience that he was hardly recognisable… No doubt the decision was a difficult one for Pauline, who enjoyed modern life in New York, but they soon decided to return to France, and shortly thereafter were blessed with the arrival of a daughter, “Hélène”…

Pierre Grassa was born in France to Spanish parents from the Sierra de Guara, just the other side of the Pyrenees… He spent most of his youth outdoors, as a cowherd or manual labourer, and had little formal education. He was a determined young man, bursting with vitality and a thirst for adventure. Sport offered him an outlet for his drive to succeed, to enjoy life to the full. He channelled his energy into military service, joining the Joinville battalion, which selected top national sportsmen from each discipline. Returning to civilian life, he found work in Bordeaux in a hairdressing salon… Broom in hand, he never tired of watching the scissors and curling irons work their charm. He decided to train as a hairdresser and gained his credentials with flying colours.

1939 marked the end of Pierre’s career as a hairdresser, as mobilization for World War II changed the course of his life. Taken prisoner of war with his battalion, captivity was unbearable for this restless character. He escaped and joined the Resistance in South West France, in Éauze to be precise… home to the Tariquet, where he met Hélène… When a good looking young man meets a charming young lady, it is easy to imagine what happens next in our story…

Pierre and Hélène are inseparable! They get married and together bring a new lease of life to the Tariquet. The château and property need restoring to their former glory - they are in love and unafraid of the challenge, and they set to work at once. Soon, thanks to Hélène and Pierre’s efforts, Tariquet’s vineyards are once again producing Bas-Armagnac brandies. They have four children, Maïté, Christiane, Françoise and Yves. Maïté and Yves choose to remain on the property and continue the family tradition.

In 1972 they create their first company with their father, boosting sales of Bas-Armagnac brandies produced at the property…

In 1982, they start producing quality white wines, a pioneering step for the region… All good stories end on a positive note. Yves’ sons, Armin and Rémy, are now winemakers themselves and will soon be writing the next chapter of this story…

Posted on at 20.04

4 /5

They had it at a wine stand and I bought it.
Subtle taste. Aromas of lemon. It has a good acidity.

Posted on at 05.47

3.5 /5


Posted on at 22.06

4 /5

I tried it once because it was brought it to the restaurant I usually go.
Fantastic colour. The Tariquet Classic shows exotic floral hints of jasmine. Tariquet Classic was ok, the kind of my taste.

Posted on at 11.48

4 /5

Domaine Du Tariquet Classic Ugni Blanc Colombard Sauvignon Gros Manseng 2015

White still wine

Posted on at 11.35

4 /5

Domaine du Tariquet Classic Côtes de Gascogne 2015

Magnificent intensity of this open wine with floral and citrus aromas and beautiful nuances of exotic fruits. The taste is round, full of ripe fruits, riche in sensations, enhanced by a frank and citrusy finish. A perfect example of lightness and balance that makes this wine a real companion of thirst and pleasure.

Posted on at 10.30

4 /5

This vegan Equipped white wine is a wonderfully intense, dry and fruity white wine. The pale yellow Domaine du Tariquet Classic acts placed very open on the nose, with floral fragrance and dense aromas of Tropenfrüchten.Am palate flows the Classic of Domaine du Tariquet fresh and clear. The mineral note is very strong but well integrated into the acidity and in the juice complex of citrus. The finale refreshed and has a small touch of salt, which designed the white wine very refined and interesting.

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Reviews about other vintages

Reviews about Tariquet Classic 2016

Graham Chappell
Graham Chappell


We look forward to becoming a regular customer
Adam Stone
Adam Stone


Excellent value for money, sharp but full of flavour.

Reviews about Tariquet Classic 2018

Edward Collins
Edward Collins


A Domaine Du Tariquet to drink among friendly people.
It has a strong colour considering that it is a Domaine Du Tariquet. Nice Daffodil aromas. A Tariquet Classic is never a light experience.
Goes well with any kind of fish.
Edward Harris
Edward Harris



  • View: Color bright straw yellow with greenish reflections.
  • Nose: soft aroma with sweet notes of white fruits, exotic fruits, citrus and wild flowers.
  • Mouth: Soft, fresh, complex and well balanced, with soft tannins and a light sweet note on the palate taste.

APPELLATION: Côtes de Gascogne (South West, France).

VINEYARD: Domaine Du Tariquet.

GRAPES: Colombard, Gros Manseng, Sauvignon Blanc and Ugni Blanc.

AGEING: Madura on lees in stainless steel tanks for 18 months.

PREPARATION: The grapes are harvested by hand, before being destemmed, followed by cold maceration of the skins for 12 hours, then make gentle pressing. Passes alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature between 13-14 ° C.

PAIRING: Appetizers, seafood and rice.


ALCOHOL: 10.5%

Reviews about Tariquet Classic 2017

Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott


I had tried Tariquet Classic with some wine enthusiasts.
Tariquet Classic, deep yellow. I noticed scents of lychee and banana. It is slightly sweet.
We enjoyed with a delicious Chinese rice.

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