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Provence is a French region located in the south-east of the country. An area that has a long viticultural tradition, which has exceptional climatic and geographical conditions for the cultivation of vines. With the Rhone to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, it enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year. One of its best-known Designations of Origin is Coteaux Varois, under which white wines are produced especially.

Wines of Provence

The vineyards are protagonists of a large part of the landscape of the region that occupy a vast area of the mountains and lands of southern France. There is a wide range of Appelations d'Origines Controlés, A.O.C, the equivalent in Spain to the Denominations of Origin, D.O.

The wines of Provence are characterized by having a very deep and woody aroma and flavour. Some experts point out that they bear a great resemblance to the wines of La Rioja Denomination of Origin.

The most popular A.O.C of Provence

Côtes du Rhône are the best known wines internationally. They have their origin in the Duchy of Uzès; Currently, the vines are cultivated in the lands around Avignon. It is estimated that they occupy an area of ​over 40,000 hectares.

Côtes du Rhône Villages is another of the best known A.O.C of Provence. The soils of the region are calcareous clay soils, so that the wines are very dense and have a very particular colour and flavour, with a light fruity touch. Currently there are about 8,000 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of the vine.

The A.O.C Coteaux Varois exists since 1993 in the region. There is a condition for all wines: they must be composed of only two varieties. One of the best known wines is Château Miraval, a white wine from the DO Coteaux Varois. It is made based on a selection of vermentino and rolle, with an alcohol content of 13.5%. A really exquisite white wine that appeals to the best palates.

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