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Tia Maria 1L


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Tia Maria traces its history back to 17th century Spain when a woman fled the country with only a pair of earrings and a secret recipe to her name. That recipe would turn out to be Tia Maria, a beautiful coffee-flavoured liqueur which has become a favourite all over the world. It was Dr Kenneth Leigh Evans who found the secret recipe in the 1940s and began to produce Tia Maria for a worldwide audience.

There are three important ingredients which go into every bottle of Tia Maria. The first is, of course, coffee. Tia Maria simply would not be the same without the distinctive taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The coffee is complemented by Madagascar vanilla, which adds a delicate fragrance and depth to the mix. Finally, Jamaican rum is the final ingredient that gives body and structure to the product.

The smell of fresh coffee rises to greet you upon opening a bottle of Tia Maria. Tia Maria is a chameleon that will work in anything coffee-based. Use this coffee-flavoured liqueur on its own, as part of a cocktail, or to add a bit of life to your after-dinner coffee. There is always an espresso martini waiting to be made as well!

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Technical sheet

Category:Coffee liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Illva Saronno
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
350ml and 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 20%
Country: England

Description of Tia Maria 1L

Tia Maria 1L


  • Colour: This drink has the colour of freshly-roasted dark coffee.
  • Aroma: Like its colour, the main scent is of coffee beans. Light hints of vanilla and rum spices add layers to its scent profile.
  • Taste: The scent gives away the primary flavours but still keeps some secrets. The main difference between the scent and the flavour is that the flavour proves to be sweeter than first meets the nose. Sugars and vanilla create sweetness. Rum, primarily made of cane sugar, may also add a hint of sweetness. More than that, it contributes its spices in terms of flavour. Coffee beans give off the most flavour.

PRODUCER: Illva Saronno. Legend says that the recipe for Tia Maria 1L was cemented sometime in the 1700's, on a Jamaican plantation. However, the recipe creator left the area and moved to Europe. It was around this time that the recipe was lost. It was rediscovered by Dr. Kenneth Evans around 1944, who started to make the sell the liqueur. The brand has been bought and sold by many companies since then. Most recently, Kobrand bought the distributing rights in 2012.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Illva Saronno does not reveal how it makes this divine coffee liqueur. Classically, liqueurs are made by starting with a base alcoholic liquid. In this case, rum is used. Next, the main flavours are added. The main flavours here are coffee and vanilla. This is most likely done during the distillation process. Finally, sugar is added to sweeten the drink before it is bottled.


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Tia Maria 1L

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