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"Cider is the name given to a drink obtained by fermentation of apple juice. Its alcohol content varies between 3-8% Vol, though you can find up to 12 vol% of alcohol. In principle all drinks of fermented fruit juice were ciders, until the wine, for its special relevance, was differentiated, and gradually came to be called cider only the fermented apple juice.

There are 2 types of cider:

  • The natural cider, with the sole presence of carbon dioxide from the fruit itself (the most common in Spain).

  • The sparkling cider with added carbon dioxide (very common in England or Scotland, for example).

Consumption of cider dates back at least to the Egyptian civilization, and in Roman times was consumed, although at the time the most usual drink of choice was wine.

The countries with the highest tradition of cider making are France (Brittany and Normandy), Spain (Asturias and Basque Country), Scotland, England, Germany and Canada, where is quite successful a special type of cider, ""Ice Cider ""."

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