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chocolate is not only a synonymous for pleasure. Many people associate it with childhood, desire, sensuality, love and imagination which results probably from its sweet taste. Due to its popularity, chocolate has even been picked out as central theme in several top-movies such the British-American co-production "chocolat" that most of you probably know.

We from Drinks&Co are wondering why chocolate exerts such a powerful attraction to people. Is it because of the excellent taste of the processed cocoa bean? Or because chocolate contains the basic component of the tryptophan protein that leads to the secretion of serotonin which is popularly known as "happiness hormone"?

The process types of chocolate are infinite: While chocolate bars can be found in the supermarket, delightful Chocolateries offer exquisite pralines and the show windows of pastries are purfled with original chocolate figures, each with its own artistic touch. We're sure you've already tasted some varities of the wide range offered in the world of chocolate: black, white, milk, filled or even flavoured.

However, if you like to get surprised, we recommend you to visit one of the numerous chocolate museums to excite your senses ... Or just venture our world of seduction and let yourself get amazed by our great selection.

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