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Ruinart (Champagne)

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R de Ruinart Magnum

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The Ruinart Brut Champagne is the label of attack of the "plus ancienne maison de Champagne." This Brut sans année has several reasons of interest that go beyond the simple absolute quality guaranteed by the historical tradition of the French fashion house: not tarnish the common thread with the white grape, it demonstrates the ability of the fashion house even when the assembly is Pinot Noir to become protagonist. Since the scents of Ruinart Brut Champagne This proves rich, well it played on a plot of fruit, honey, floral qualities and mineral notes. Just mineral notes make it leading to the taste, to the point of making a Champagne tense and dynamic. Champagne Ruinart Brut remains balanced, fresh and dynamic, as well as the French fashion house has always been accustomed to see his beautiful Champagne. He confirms Ruinart maison capable of giving birth to great Champagne, balanced and rich in flavors and aromas: a tradition that every year always manages to grow in quality and performance. Color: Yellow with golden highlights and continuous perlage and elegant Aroma: Hints for fresh fruit, especially pear, apple and apricot, accompanied by hazelnut notes of fresh almonds Taste: Balanced, soft, round and fleshy, fresh and elegant, with pleasant citrus returns. Vol. 12% Serve at: 8 ° - 10 ° C

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