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Pere Magloire Fine Calvados


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Père Magloire has been producing calvados in France since the company was established in 1821. Now the market leader for calvados in France, the company exports 60% of its production internationally. This company, whose headquarters lie in the beautiful region of Normandy in France, offers a wide range of calvados, of which one notable product is the Père Magloire Fine Calvados.

This delicately blended spirit is pleasantly fresh and fruity. Père Magloire Fine Calvados begins its life as beautiful Norman apples, grown in an orchard until the harvest brings them to the copper stills in which they will be distilled into this prized product. The climate of Normandy is perfect for the production of the best apples for the production of cider. More than 150 varieties are grown there, but only specific varieties make it into cider. After distillation, Père Magloire Fine Calvados will spend at least two years in oak barrels. Since this is a blended product, some of the spirits blended into the final product can be older than two years.

The final product is well-rounded, giving off the fresh, mouth-watering aroma of mature apples that are freshly picked from the orchard. This noble spirit is perfect for all palates. Pick up a bottle and see what the pride of Normandy tastes like.

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Technical sheet

Category:Calvados (Spirits)
Producer: Père Magloire
Volume: 70cl
Grapes: Garnacha
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: France

Description of Pere Magloire Fine Calvados

Pere Magloire Fine Calvados (Garnacha)


  • Colour: This drink has a light amber yellow colour, looking much like liquid gold.
  • Aroma: On the nose, apple scents stand out more than anything else. Hints of oak spices and traditional brandy notes add to the overall aroma.
  • Taste: This single distilled brandy combines several fruity Pere Magloire vintages. Using the fruitiest drinks from each batch makes the Pere Magloire Fine Calvados taste fruitier than any of Pere Magloire's other vintages. Like the scent, apple flavour stands out above all.

PRODUCER: Pere Magloire

The Pere Magloire brand, also known as Calvados Pere Magloire, was first founded in 1821. However, it was then called Debrise-Dulac. Throughout the next several decades, the brand was bought by Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, then Pays d'Auge Finances, before finally being owned by Spirit Capital in 2007. Today, Pere Magloire makes most of its money from exporting their drinks outside of France, as the brand is famous the world over.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This brandy is unique because it goes through continuous distillation in stills made entirely of copper. This helps to increase the purity of the flavour. Several vintages are mixed together to create the ideal flavour. When all of the brandies are mixed, the drink is then aged all together in oak barrels that are over 100 years old.

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Reviews of Pere Magloire Fine Calvados


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superior para los steak tartar.
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Pere Magloire Fine Calvados

4 /5

- Single distillation. Matured 2-3 years in oak barrels.
- Colour: Delicate and light amber yellow.
- Scent: Well developed fresh apple aroma.
- Palate: Straight-forward and distinct fruity flavour pleasing to all palates.
- Use: Multiple, cocktails or aperitif, straight or on the rocks, as Trou Normand or as a digestive. It can also flavour a wide range of dishes and desserts.
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5 /5

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5 /5

The order was very well packed. I knew the product so the expectations were met. My experience with uvinum was excellent.
Ph. Rigal
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Pére Magloire

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