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Papidoux Calvados Fine


Papidoux Calvados Fine

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The Calvados region in Normandy, located about an hour from Paris by car, is only made up of a few districts. The Norman landscape is covered in apple trees, which once harvested, will be processed into cider. When that cider is aged, it becomes calvados, a special French apple brandy. This is a tradition that has been going on in the region for more than 500 years.

Pâpidoux Calvados is one of the largest exporters of calvados from its home country of France. While Normandy is famous for many things, its apples are especially noteworthy. With more than 150 different types of apples being grown, the climate here is particularly suited for growing apples for cider. These carefully tended apples are then processed into this delicious brandy that shines with the care and pride that is put into its production.

Pâpidoux Calvados Fine is a very aromatic brandy that gives off the crisp, clear odour of fresh apples. The three years that the spirit spends ageing in oak casks results in the light gold colouring of the spirits as well as its mild, well-balanced flavour. Best enjoyed lukewarm, this spirit is generally enjoyed after a meal thanks to the aid it can offer in the digestive process. It is also included as an ingredient in a number of interesting cocktails.

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Technical sheet

Category:Calvados (Spirits)
Producer: Pâpidoux
Country: France

Description of Papidoux Calvados Fine

Papidoux Calvados Fine


  • Colour: Papidoux Calvados Fine has a coppery colour with bright golden reflections.
  • Aroma: Highly aromatic bouquet, with fresh notes of apples and oak.
  • Taste: Mild and harmonious on the palate, leaving a refreshing and juicy sensation. Spicy notes of oaky nature develop, with a bright apple hint.

PRODUCER: Pâpidoux.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This apple brandy is produced exclusively in the Normandy region in France. This spirit is obtained by distillation of the cider of selected apples. The apples from several varieties are carefully selected and collected, and pressed to obtain a must that is then left to ferment, similar to the vinification of grapes. This is how the cider is obtained. This liqueur is then placed in oak casks for a period of three years for maturing. This imprints this spirit with complexity and smoothness in its taste with a fantastic combination of fruity and spicy notes, and also with a harmonious and tangy bouquet. The freshness in the flavour makes Papidoux Calvados Fine perfect as a digestif or between meals, a perfect substitute when you want a little change from whisky or cognac. For a better experience, enjoy it at room temperature to bring out all the layers of taste.


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Papidoux Calvados Fine

4 /5

- Papidoux Fine Calvados is a tangy aromatic Calvados, with a fine, bright apple note.
- Aged for three years in oak casks this gives Papidoux Fine Calvados it's pale golden colour and mellow harmonious flavour.
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Papidoux Aoc Fine Calvados

5 /5

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