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Velho Barreiro Gold


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Cachaça, the official drink of Brazil and a spirit with a Brazilian face, is the exclusive denomination for cane brandies produced in Brazil itself. Velho Barreiro Gold is a popular brand which was created by Industrias Reunidas de Bebidas Tatuzinho in 1975. This company was founded in 1950 and is now the owner of prominent brands which hold an important place in Brazilian popular culture.

Velho Barreiro Gold is made by distilling the fermented juice of the sugarcane rather than the sugarcane molasses that most rums are made from. After distillation, the spirit is double-filtered for purity before it is aged in large vats of local Jequitiba Rosa wood. It is this ageing which gives the Velho Barreiro Gold its bright gold colouring as well as a delicate fragrance and flavour that the unaged varieties do not have.

Its sweet, floral, complex flavour is the perfect base on which to craft any fruit cocktail. Its sugarcane roots will marry perfectly with strawberries, mango, passionfruit, or any other fruit you might dream up. You can also try Velho Barreiro Gold in a traditional Caipirinha or just straight on the rocks. Cachaça is the third most popular spirit worldwide for a reason. Try a bottle and you will find out why.

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Technical sheet

Category:Cachaça (Spirits)
Producer: Velho Barreiro
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
75cl and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 39%
Country: Brazil

Elaboration of Velho Barreiro Gold

Velho Barreiro Gold


  • Colour: A lightly golden clear with flickers of soft, rosy pink.
  • Aroma: Caramel and vanilla rise from the bottle to entice someone to drink. Elegant hints of tropical flowers are also detected following sweet honey and crystallized sugar.
  • Taste: This cachaca is on the sweeter side, but doesn't fail to add the well-known kick of its kind. The vanilla and honey flavours balance out the cachaca flavours to keep them from overwhelming the mouth. Dried fruit and molasses are also noticed and help to keep the alcohol from getting to powerfully sweet. This drink is favoured because it keeps from being too powerful on either side.

PRODUCER: Vhelo Barreiro; IRB Tatuzinho 3 Fazendas Distillery. The distillery was founded in the 1950's in Piracicaba, a city within the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. They have grown to be a well-respected cachaca brand in the country, which proves their talent in fine production. This particular brand of gold cachaca was launched in the 1990's.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Cachaca is made from sugar cane in Brazil. This makes it a uniquely Brazilian drink beloved by its people and around the world. Sugar cane juice is fermented and then distilled. Afterwards the cachaca is stored in Jequitiba Rosa barrels to refine its taste and drinkability. Add this alcohol to a Rio-inspired Caipirinha. Blend with strawberries or limes to compliment the fruity notes of this cachaca. Adding mint and tonic water will cool down the bite while elevating an average tonic.


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- Jequitiba rosa barrel-aged fopr 3 years.
- Velho Barreiro is one of the most appreciated cachacas in Brazil because of its delicate aroma, due to the very careful methods of distillation.
- Use it for the preparation of a 'caipirinha' or other fruit cocktails.
- Alternatively drink neat over ice with a twist of lemon.
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