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Santo Grau Itirapua


Santo Grau Itirapua

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Technical sheet

Category:Cachaça (Spirits)
Producer: Santo Grau
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 41%
Country: Brazil
The Santo Grau Itirapua (£32.92): a cachaça produced by Santo Grau with roots in Brazil with an alcoholic content of 41%. At Drinks&Co, users evaluate the Santo Grau Itirapua with an average score of 4 points out of 5.

Description of Santo Grau Itirapua

Santo Grau Itirapua


  • Colour: The colour of the beverage is slightly golden.
  • Aroma: It represents some wooden notes.
  • Mouth: It gives off a smooth and pleasant velvety taste.

PRODUCER: Santo Grau is the first brand to craft Cachaça, preserving the origins and individuality of the most traditional and historic mills. The same families run the production that have owned the farms for generations, using sugar cane from each specific region, antique alembics, and centuries-old traditions. There are three traditional regions that Santo Grau represents: Coronel Xavier Chaves in Minas Gerais, Itirapua, and Paraty near Rio de Janeiro. This Cachaça is handmade in an "engenho" and it has been functioning for over 150 years.COUNTRY: Brazil

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Fermentation is done with the fresh sugar cane juice which is made in a 100% natural method with the use of cornmeal. It has been milled at the Itirapua distillery since 1860 where the mill is powered by an old water wheel. Sugarcane is harvested by hand. This is followed by natural fermentation with wild yeast. After fermentation in the copper still, it is matured in oak and jequitibá barrels, which softens the acidity to produce a much better spirit. It can be consumed neat or over ice. It also goes well with lemon soda.ALCOHOL: 41%

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Reviews of Santo Grau Itirapua


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4 /5

- Lightly aged in Jequitibá and oak barrels.
- A pale gold colour with hints of wood on the nose.
- The palate is velvetya and smooth.
- Great over ice, fantastic with with lemon soda and a dash of Angostura bitters.
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