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Cachaça Leblon


Cachaça Leblon

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Technical sheet

Category:Cachaça (Spirits)
Producer: Leblon Cachaça
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Brazil
Leblon Cachaça produces the Cachaça Leblon (£49.99), a cachaça from Brazil with an alcohol content of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Cachaça Leblon with 3,8 of 5 points.

Description of Cachaça Leblon

Cachaça Leblon


  • Colour: Cachaça Leblon has a bright, clear, translucent appearance.
  • Aroma: The bouquet is sweet and full of vegetal notes, accompanied by the scents of vanilla, sugar cane, and a little nutmeg.
  • Taste: Warm on the palate with sweet gentle notes developing on the mouth. Complex character, with layers of citrus, vanilla, pepper, and a subtle touch of oak. The finish is smooth and light.


COUNTRY: Brazil.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This is a perfect sample of the signature spirit of Brazil, the cachaça. The exact recipe for crafting this spirit remains a secret of the house, but some key aspects give light over what makes Cachaça Leblon so special. Fabricated from the fermented products of freshly pressed sugar cane and not the molasses as is the case with dark rums, the time of fermentation, the temperature, and the exact string of yeast are carefully controlled to produce this liqueur. Once the distillate is obtained, it begins a journey from Brazil to the south of France where it is matured in cognac casks sometime between one and three months. This ageing stage is what provides the layers of complexity and the subtle oak taste distinguishable on the palate. The light nature makes it perfect for preparing mixed drinks and cocktails, so it is a favourite among bartenders.


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Reviews of Cachaça Leblon


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a good example of a well made spirit but for me am not refined sufficiently to rave about this
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Cachaça Leblon

4 /5

- Leblon is a premium award-winning cachaca given a double gold medal at the seventh San Francisco world spirits competition.
- Fruity aromas of the traditional fresh cane sugar with spices and fruit that warms the palate, releasing a gentle sweetness that is smooth and satisfying and awesome in the well-known cocktail, the caiprinha, and other variants including strawberry or raspberry.
- Leblon has a vibrant but mellow style, is clear spirit with a faint straw hue, where its smooth entry and a medium body of creamy vanilla notes and brown spices.
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5 /5

Leblon ist der zur Zeit beste Cachacha den man kaufen kann

hervorragend !!!
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3.5 /5

Bon produit
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