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Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva


Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva

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Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva is produced by the Sánchez Romate Hermanos Distillery, a place with a century-old tradition in the Jerez de la Frontera region. It is aged in oak barrels that previously contained Sherry and each bottle comes from a single cask.

The Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva is an exquisite brandy that faithfully reflects the so-called Romate spirit, whose essence is the ability to reflect the contrast between modernity and the tradition of origin. Uno en Mil lives up to the exclusivity of its name. It is made with the best selected holandas which makes the brandy refined and aromatic with unrivaled flavors.

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Technical sheet

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Sánchez Romate
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain

Description of Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva

Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva


  • Color: Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva has an amber
  • Odor: aroma and unmistakable complex
  • Mouth: Soft, delicate and surprising.

WINEMAKING: It comes from a thousand boots holandas selected and numbered for aging that provides individual, refined, demanding and absolutely identified with the current taste nuances.

CELLAR: Sánchez Romate

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The Producer

Sánchez Romate

Sánchez Romate

At the end of the 18th century, the busy streets of Jerez de la Frontera was proof of the bustling activity in the city, which was thriving thanks to the exports of its renowned wines.

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El producto ya no es el mismo, más allá del embalaje y tipo de botella. El color del brandy ahora es mucho más oscuro, y el sabor totalmente distinto del anterior, y mucho menos agradable a mi gusto.
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Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva

5 /5

Muy bueno excelente
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Uno en Mil Gran Reserva

5 /5

Excelente, por eso lo compré
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4 /5

- The origin of this brandy is one thousand American oak casks of selected grape spirits, and therefore its name of One in a Thousand , or, 1/1000, which is the way the casks are named in the Cellars.
- "Single Barrel" is quite a common name in the spirits trade, (bourbon, whisky, aged rum) since each production of bottles originates from just one barrel which makes them all the same but with subtle distinctions from one barrel to the other. No attempt at all is made to homogenise the bottles. The differences in bouquet and colour are due to the prior impregnation of each individual barrel with sherry to their location and to the different ages of the component spirits used.
- The distillates originate from wine of the Airen variety, distilled to a low strength in copper pot stills in order to conserve intact all those properties that lend character and complexity to the distillation. The brandy is then matured in American oak casks which have previously contained Sherry (Finos and Amontillados), in accordance with the standards laid down.
- Ricardo Real, oenologist and brandy expert, has selected the most outstanding casks which later are bottled in their pure state, without blending or homogenising, numbering each bottle by hand with an indicating of which cask they have come from.
- This is a brandy of exceptional characteristics, with an attractive light amber colour due to the casks previously impregnated with Finos and Amontillados, with deep aromas and smooth vanilla touches with an intense and prolonged taste.
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Romate Uno Et Mil Solera Gran Reserva

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