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Metaxa 7 Stars


Metaxa 7 Stars

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The number seven stands for the number of years the blend matured before its commercialisation. This period of maturation is necessary for the blend of Muscat wine and brandy to achieve its full potential and express its complexity of aromas. Brandy Metaxa 7 offers you the best of both worlds, being more flavourful than the five stars and cheaper than the 12 stars. Aegean sun in a bottle!

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Technical sheet

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Metaxa
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Grapes: Moscatel
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Greece

Description of Metaxa 7 Stars

Metaxa 7 Stars (Moscatel)


  • Colour: This drink is a beautiful dark amber brown with copper tints.
  • Aroma: On the nose, scents of peaches and dark prunes build a wonderfully fruity aroma. A dry floral scent adds a lighter note to the scent profile.
  • Taste: There are some flavour notes on the tongue that the nose cannot easily detect. The most predominant of these scents is toffee. Following this are the peach and prune flavours that control the scent profile. The floral scents do not translate to flavour. In the end, the drink has a long finish that leaves the fruity flavours lingering in the mouth.

PRODUCER: The Metaxa distillery was opened in 1888 on the island of Samos, Greece, by Spyros Metaxa. While the company claims that this drink is not actually a brandy, it is very similar to one. Their drinks are made of Muscat grapes grown in Greece and their drinks are aged in oak barrels.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Metaxa does not give away many details about how they make their classic brandy. What we do know is that the primary ingredient is Muscat grapes. This is what provides the brandy with its fruity flavours. We also know that it is aged in an oak barrel. This provides the toffee flavouring and a healthy dose of oak spices.


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The Producer



Metaxa was created by Spyros Metaxa in 1888. This unique, amber-coloured spirit is a mix of Muscat wine, aged wine distillates, and Mediterranean botanicals. The wine distillates and Muscat wines are first aged separately before being blended in Limousin oak casks.

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Reviews of Metaxa 7 Stars


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excellent brandy, have been drinking this brand for many years
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Brandy Metaxa 7 Star

4 /5

- Made in classical greek style with the original recipe dating back to 1888, Metaxa Amphora is the marriage of finest spirit, aged in oak for 7 years, with muscat wines and secret botanicals.
- The taste is mouth-wateringly mellow - full of luscious richness and complexity. Enjoy neat, with ice or mixed.
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Metaxa Amphora 7 Star

5 /5

lovely brandy
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Brandy Metaxa 7

4 /5

SMAKANMÄRKNINGAR AV Brandy Metaxa 7 Stars :Färg: mörkt bärnstensfärgad reflektioner av gamla guld.Lukt: elegant, varm och fruktig, Muscat Intensiv och mogen persika, plommon, johannesbröd och honung naturläkemedel.Smak: balanserad, varm, kryddig fin konsistens, med inslag av honung och svarta russin.LAND: Grekland.ALKOHOLHALT: 40%
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