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Brandy Constantino is a deep yellow spirit with a notably velvety mouthfeel and a smooth, enjoyable finish. To achieve a brandy of this quality, Luís Sottomayor, the winemaking expert that is in charge of production, chooses the perfect combination of brandies from various origins to marry together. The choice of which high-quality brandies to include is complicated, depending entirely on their taste, clarity, sweetness, and softness.

One the perfect blend is achieved, the product is left in large wooden tanks to rest and age for 12 months. To achieve the desired flavour and aroma, additives, colourings, and flavourings are added during this maturation period to ensure a top-quality product reaches consumers. After those 12 long months have ended, Brandy Constantino is ready to be bottled. All of this is thanks to Sogrape Vinhos Portugal, a family-run company that focuses on innovation.

This well-balanced Portuguese brandy will maintain its character over the years, while it continues to mature and age in the bottle. This elegant product can be served chilled or at room temperature, according to personal taste. While traditionally used as a digestif after meals, Brandy Constantino can also be used in cocktails or mixers. It pairs best with sweet foods like desserts but also is great alongside strong cheeses and cured meat.

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Technical sheet

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Sogrape Vinhos
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 36%
Country: Portugal

Elaboration of Constantino Brandy

Constantino Brandy


  • Colour: Constantino Brandy is a warm light amber hue with a subtle tinge of woody green.
  • Aroma: An intense nose redolent of woods in autumn, with a note of rich vanilla.
  • Taste: Wonderfully smooth, to the point of elegance, with just the right hint of spice.

PRODUCER: Sogrape Vinhos was founded by Fernando Van Zeller Guedes in 1942. It has since grown to become a huge conglomeration of brands and companies with global reach, producing wines and other beverages in Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, sold in well over a hundred countries across four continents. Despite the company's scale, it ensures that excellence and consistency are benchmarks for all of its products, wherever they are created and enjoyed. This is possible because the Guedes family is still hands-on to this day, carrying its legacy onwards and outwards.

COUNTRY: Portugal

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Constantino Brandy is aged for six months in fine oak, using a recipe and process dating back to 1877. This fine and respected brandy is lovely on its own, whether before or at the end of a lovely evening. You might enjoy it in a classic and sophisticated cocktail like a Metropolitan or a Brandy Alexander. And make sure you have a bottle of Constantino Brandy nearby when it's time to make the gorgeous velvety sauce for your Christmas pudding.


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The Producer

Sogrape Vinhos

Sogrape Vinhos

Sogrape Vinhos was born of the will and courage of a group of friends. In the difficult economic and political environment of 1942, they decided to stake everything on the visionary talents of one man.

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