Cardenal Mendoza


Cardenal Mendoza

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Cardenal Mendoza is the first brandy, which the owners of Sánchez Romate originally produced for their private consummation in 1887. The name is based on the historical figure named Pedro González de Mendoza (1423-1495). Not only did he speak up to the catholic kings for the financing of Columbus' expedition project. But he also played an important role during the reconquest of the Muslim kingdom, Granada.

Cardenal Mendoza is a Solera Gran Reserva made from the best Holandas, that ripe in the traditional Solera-Criadera-method. The oak barrels are soaked in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez before the brandy starts to mature in them. This is also where the brandy from Sánchez Romate gets its dark colour and intensive taste from.

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Technical sheet

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Sánchez Romate
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
50cl and 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain
Ageing: Solera Gran Reserva

Description of Cardenal Mendoza

Cardenal Mendoza


  • Color: Cardenal Mendoza has a very deep mahogany color, with yellow trim-iodinated,
  • Smell: elegant aroma, with incredible intensity maintained aromatic wood and dried fruits.
  • Taste: It's soft, round, very satiny flavors. Its fragrant nuances make it very attractive and finish is really splendid, powerful, long and delicate.

PRODUCER: Sánchez Romate

PRODUCTION: Cardenal Mendoza is a Brandy Solera Gran Reserva made from a selection of the best holandas, aging by the traditional system of soleras and criaderas. The set of Cardinal Mendoza boots, previously seasoned with oloroso and pedro Ximénez.



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The Producer

Sánchez Romate

Sánchez Romate

At the end of the 18th century, the busy streets of Jerez de la Frontera was proof of the bustling activity in the city, which was thriving thanks to the exports of its renowned wines.

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Brandi excellent, value for my best
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Cardenal Mendoza

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5 /5

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5 /5

great brandy to be appreciated.
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